Snake vs. Decoy Egg

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    Nov 12, 2007
    My mother passed along a great story from one of her coworkers today...
    The coworker said that when he was a child, a snake got into the nestbox and ate one of the fake marble eggs (that was in there to encourage the hens from laying all over creation--a decoy.) Well, the snake got stuck somewhere in the barn on its way out. A real egg would have crushed, but the marble egg wouldn't make it through the hole. When they found the snake, it had been dead for a while. They cut it open in an attempt to retrieve the egg, but the acid in the snake had all but destroyed the marble egg!

    Moral of the story: Always eat em' scrambled!
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    I pefer my snake fried. Thanks for the tip [​IMG]
  3. Wow. We put out wooden eggs in a nest box on our porch for a sick bird (she had trouble making into the coop at that time). One day, no wooden egg. Huh??? Months later we had another box for a sick girl placed down near the coop. Again, wooden egg disappeared. That day DH said he'd seen a raven w/ a huge white 'egg' in its mouth.

    Well, at least we know there's no way the poor raven actually ate the darn things. Altho they still may be trying.[​IMG]

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