Snowy Call Duckies Need Names ASAP!!!


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Scribner, Nebraska
Hi fellow BYC friends! I need help naming my pair of Snowy Call Ducks! They look just like the picture below! (This is not them, I have yet to upload my pictures i took of them!) I prefer a set of pair names like Bonnie and Clyde! (this does not suit them though because they are as sweet and gentle as the dickens
) Even names like Owen and Oakley that just go together and start with the same letter are alright! Suggest, suggest, suggest! I want to give them names so I can teach them to come to me! I know it may sound ridiculous to some but most of my poultry already does it and I want all of them to do it, so I can easily call them in in the evenings! I would like something that kids know or that is easy to explain to people! Thanks!

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