So Confused - Lonely Chick (but with "siblings?")


6 Years
Oct 20, 2013
Las Vegas
We have six chicks ranging in age from 2-3 weeks. They started out in the pre-k classroom and came home with us last weekend and did wonderful. Tonight we brought them home for the final time, and for a few hours they were all happy and lovely.

Tonight we held them and cuddled them and put them back in the brooder so we could eat dinner. All of a sudden the barred rock chick began peeping like she was dying. I ran to the brooder and opened the door expecting to see her hurt (which would be weird because it's very safe), and she flew out at me, jumping straight onto me. I scooped her up and looked her over. She was fine. I put her back.

She did NOT stop peeping like I was murdering her until I took her out again and held her. Unfortunately none of the other chicks liked that their buddy was missing and they started peeping! One chick peeping is better than five so I put her back and endured another 10 minutes of loud peeping until I broke down and did an internet search. Someone suggested a stuffed animal so I threw one in there under the heat lamp. Now they are silent as angels and curled up against the stuffed animal asleep.

What the heck just happened? That chick had five other chicks to sleep with AND had never made noises like that before?! Can they just develop separation anxiety? Is she missing the mom she never had? I'm worried this will happen again if we cuddle them...


Apr 26, 2015
Northern California
I have 3 chicks 2 slikie mixes and an old english game. My english game has always been the loner she is always alone shes the only one of the 3 that will practically fly out of coop into arms! I just always figured she prefered human company lol

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