So much for a fall crop, LOL!


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Smoky Mountains
So, our chickens have been really good at staying away from the plants we have around the yard. I do have my garden surrounded by chicken wire, and they've never flown in, but everything else is unprotected and we never had a problem. So yesterday, we completely cleared out a flower bed next to the house that we were unhappy with, and planted about 20 plants of cabbage and collard greens, and then turned the sprinkler on the whole section. These crazy birds...who run in every direction at the first sign of rain, braved the sprinkler and decimated every plant we put in. Nothing left. Totally gone.

Needless to say, next time we try planting there, we'll put up the wire around the area at least until they lose interest...
I am so not surprised
Those are some of their favorite plants.
Last year all of the little broccoli plants vanished. I "know" it was chicken thieves. This year the grow boxes have little chicken wire fences around them.
I'm planning my garden - it will be hydroponic, raised up on posts. Should be chicken proof - but you never know! My Florida sand doesn't grow much except mangoes, that's why I'm going hydroponic. I plan to put a 'salad bar' in the run for the hens. My sister gave me amaranth and chickweed seeds to plant in it. It will be covered with wire, so they can only get what will come through. She said that in England they call chickweed 'fat hen'. Sounds good to me!
Oh, I never had a problem either with my darling hens bothering my ornamental plants UNTIL: I made the fatal mistake of weeding the front flower bed, and throwing them some worms while I did it. I mean, whowouldathunkit? They were so interested, clucking around, helping me dig.......

THEN the next day, I look outside to discover three hens each on a hosta, munching away like it was the most delicious salad bar they'd ever eaten!

The hostas were toast!

Thank goodness the garden is inside the fenced in yard where the dogs run.......

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