SOLD --Organic Fed 4 Rhode Island Red Pullets--3 started laying beautiful brown eggs (East Valley, M

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    Mar 15, 2013
    I really tried to make this work, but I have more bad days than good due now to failing health. I would love to keep them, unfortunately none of my family wants to take care of them, so I have no choice but to make sure they go to good homes and not butchered. Because they are such good girls, they deserve a good home.

    2 Pullets are 24 weeks old. They have just started to lay beautiful brown eggs. The other two are 19 weeks old and one laid her first egg today and the other one should be laying soon. They have been fed an organic diet (NO Soy or Corn) and supplemented with Flax, meal worms, and Black Oiled Sunflower seeds. They live in a clean environment and spend most of the day in a sand medium 10' x 5' coup that is cleaned 2 to 3 times a day.

    Every morning the Pullets are allowed several hours of supervised free range where they eat grass, hunt for bugs, and sun bathe. They are very sweet and gentle. Also, to my surprise, they learned the word "NO" and do not bother my garden plants...I do allow them to hunt for bugs, but they can not eat my plants as you can see from the photo.

    I have done all the hard work raising them for 6 months and now you can enjoy the fruits of my labor in collecting fresh organic eggs for your family.

    NOTE: That is for all four for $100. Will consider selling 2 for $50 -- but they have to be the ones they are attached to each other.

    Other items for sale:
    12lb hanging metal feeder and corner Oyster/Grit feeder $20
    2 New bags with 1/4 cup used of Oyster and Grits $10
    Organic Feed (NO Soy or Corn) $0.55 cents a lbs
    Happy Hen Dried Meal Worms $1.00 per oz (think 9 or 8 oz are left)

    No checks accepted, cash only, and no shipping. Must provide your own carrier.
    Couldn't figure out how to post on listing page so here are the photos of your girls
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    I live at Meridian & Broadway. If there is anything I can help you do to keep your ladies a little longer please email me. [email protected].

    We already have 15 girls and I plan on adding a half dozen more, but will have to start with bitties after it cools off a few more weeks.

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