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    Ok so I had a lady hatch out some eggs I got shipped in to me. Only 6 hatched, two with issues. One chick had a bad leg, stretched out behind it and stiff as a board.... number two has a twisted neck, looks like its stuck in the position it was in the egg.
    So the first chick died shortly after getting him home, and the second I put a brace on his neck to straighten it out some. Now I have four good chicks, or so I thought.... one of them has a swollen leg joint :( Also another chick is quite wobbly, sometimes getting knocked onto his back. this fella likes to sleep, but when ever I touch him hes off like the dickens! So I guess my questions are
    -Can the chick with the bad neck be saved? If so, how?
    -Do you think the chick with the swollen leg joint will make it?
    -Should I be worried about the wobbly chick?

    Any help would be appreciated :)

    So the chick with the wry neck passed away last night. When I went to feed him he walked up and snuggled with my hand, then fell asleep and passed away.... I know its silly to say, but I think the poor little fella was waiting for me before he went :/
    I'm just happy the chick wasn't in pain
    On a brighter note, the other four are doing fine. the wobbly chick is ok now, and the chick with the swollen leg joint is a little better, the swelling is down (though hes still not putting too much pressure on it) and hes eating like a pig and is growing fast, being the biggest of the group
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