some questions for the board


11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
Hi, everyone. I have never raised baby chicks before, always raised older chickens. SO i have a few questions maybe someone out there can help me with.

1) when should i start the chicks on regular scratch grains, and take them off of the chick grain?

2) Does anyone know how to postive check for vent sexing, or know a site with good info and pics, so that I can share with my husband, neither of us know how to do this.

3) does anyone know a good cheap place to shop for chicken coop supplies in southern IL, I am close to a rural king, and a buchheits, but I am not fond of buchheits on prices, and rural king isnt to terribley bad, and none of the feed stores around here sell fencing, and etc.

I'm new at this too but I can tell you, I started mine on layer food as soon as I got my first egg. I started by mixing a little more, each day, with the chick starter till I ran out or starter food.

I use Rural King to buy everything except grit and fencing. Menards has cheaper fencing and a local, feed store has grit.

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