Something is wrong with her wing?


Jun 5, 2017
I noticed this a few days ago, our 11/12 week old RIR pullet, was looking sad and roosting all day but I noticed her top beak was broken at the tip. No blood or tissue showing and when I locked the other birds out she ate a ton of food and the next day she was out and about. But then I noticed her wing. The lower more defined feathers were hanging low on her side. Some feather are also falling off and around the coop. I can see like white bone almost on the bottom of her wing(no pictures hard to see) but I just don't know if she's losing these feathers or what. She's roosting fine and i think she can still move it and everything. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. Anything would help! Ever since she was little her feathers took longer to come in. The base of them are very hard and it just seems like her feathers have always been different.
Those are new feathers growing in, sometimes they are heavy until they get used to them. The white stuff is the feather sheath that encases the feather as it grows. You pullet is actually a rooster as well.
Okay so the feathers are okay? And also why do we think she's a rooster? These are the 3 others we got with her so we assumed she was a pullet do to the differences. Her tail feathers don't go up and over like the others, just are kinda brown and fluffy, also her comb and wattle are much much smaller and lighter in color. Idk

She's in the middle here ^
And she's so mellow and quiet compared to the boys. Any info is greatly appreciated. Very new to this!
All the Rhode island reds are boys. The darker saddle and shackle feathers coming in, along with the big combs and thick legs.

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