SOOO Proud!


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
upstate, NY
Yesterday morning about 6:45 (currently its still pretty dark) DH let the chickens out and just before 7am...... Alfredo (the rooster) decided he would crow, or at least try for about 30 minutes. It was WONDERFUL!!!!! lol I opened the window and we just listened to him. I didnt' go out to the coop because I was afraid being his first day at it, he might stop. He is 15 weeks and 3 days old. I know we were impatient but it seemed like it took forever and that maybe we had a mute bird. LOL
He didn't crow this morning, naturally. ha. SOOOOOOO glad to finally hear him! He did quite well for himself, better than I was expecting anyway! And even though DH laughs at me for how much I love our birds BUT when I let the dog our @ about 6:15 it was too dark and I knew the birds wouldn't come out..... he said "why didn't you let the chickens out?" and then went out and opened the run door but they were still sleeping and then he came in and opened the window so we could hear him if he did try to crow again. Looks like someone else was proud of him too and just didn't want to admit it. lol
Thanks for listening to my rant!
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