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Dose anyone have any experience with these breed I am wanting to get started with yokohamas, cubalayas, sumatras, and possibly madagascar games planing on trios or quads but need a space eficiant way to keep them seperate (especialy the roos) and still keep them in helthy condition. I realise these are large birds a take a little room just looking for sugestion I have some knowledge of how the old fighters used to contain their birds but looking for other options. also has anybody had severe problems with OE or modern game banty roos fighting?
Message to admin and anybody else that may be concerned. This is not a cock fighting post I am simply try to find a way to prevent these very attractive birds from acting on the instincts bred into them.
You will find that the adult roos are tolerant of the younger roos until they get to a certain age. I have a friend that does breed fighting roosters and he lets the young roos room freely amongst them.

Once he determines his breeders, he puts them in their own indoor cage with a small dirt run. The roost for the cage is about 8 feet in the air. They will self exercise by constantly flying up to the roost and then down again.

He then has nesting pens /cages. This is where he puts his best roosters with one or 2 hens each for breeding.

The roosters you see tied to the barrels by the leg are the ones for sale or fighting, you would of course only be keeping breeders so this would not be a needed arrangement.

The biggest problem you will have is culling the young ones before the fights start really getting serious. Experience will help you over time, vigilance will give you the time while learning.
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I've heard of the exercise pens that you mentioned my great grandpa was a fighter in the 60's and 70's and put their food and water on high shelves. I thought about doing 6'x6' pens with a dog house type box on the back just like longtails and probably keep a trio of each breed I want to breed them true so will probably only have 1 roo and 2 hens to a pen except a grow off run where all the bird will be young.
An 8 x 8 hoop pen appears to work best for me as far as trios go. I haven't tried a quad to see how that works. I raise Cubalaya.

A pair in a a 6 x 4 x 4 pen is okay, but the cock's tail tend to get mussed up pretty bad.

Cocks do well on tie cords too.

Stags that have been raised together tend to get along, but once you've separated them there is no pairing them back up again.
Thought about a quad of madagascar games turkens sell really well here and i though the naked neck games might catch on. I think i'll stick with trios in the longtails the madagascars are more like a malay or aseel if you havn't seen them.
Madagascar are great if you can find a good breeder to buy them from. I am a member of another forum where a couple of folks posts photos of theirs. One of these days, I'll be getting some. I had some from Ideal, but they no way compare to the real deal.
I haven't had any of the larger birds, but I used to have 3 pairs of OEG Bantams. The 3 roos got along with each other ok, but they were horribly agressive to people. I am trying again with a pair I have raised since chicks. I don't really care if they are friendly, I jsut want to be able to enter the pen with out blood being drawn.
So Ideals not a good route? How are their yokohamas, Phoenix, and cubalayas? also looking at japs, modern, and OE banties and Standard buff cochins.
most of the breeds you've listed aren't really game (anymore), and probably aren't game if you get them from ideal.. If you want good birds, go with a good breeder. Then you could also learn more about the birds, and get good advice from the guy/gal who raised them beforehand.

Stay away from the hatcheries.


ETA: "Just my opinion".
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