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Jun 19, 2015
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When I had my parakeets I sprouted their seed for them. In the process, articles came up about sprouting feed for chickens (in 5 gallon buckets, a ridiculous size when all you have a 3 tiny birds! :) )

So, questions:
1) aside from barley and oats, how about wild bird seed? I know the mixes usually contain seeds no bird likes. It has been a while, I think sprouting made them more enjoyable. It's been a few years, I think I sprouted those for my parakeets as well. It was never more than a treat, something additional, to keep life entertaining in the cage.

2) Legumes. As I understand there are (at least) 2 classes of them: Old world and new world. Peas can be consumed raw by humans with no ill effect. Green beans should be at least blanched. I guess that holds true for sprouts?

3)I think Amaranth was said to be not good for budgies unless cooked. Does it need to be processed for chickens as well?
how about wild bird seed?
Black oil sunflower seeds are popular.. beware of FAT content when sprouting seeds for chickens. Keep it as a treat of 10% or less total daily intake and not as a main feed source, in order to maintain balanced nutrition. (I see you addressed that already) It's great enrichment both for the birds and for myself! :thumbsup

Corn and wheat also spout. Flax just turns into gelatin.
yeah, definitely no more than an enrichment treat, for sure.
The 'go home to the coop' treat in the evening, like the mush they get in the evenings.

I was wondering specifically about the filler seeds in the feeder mixes though.
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We sprout wild bird seed mix all the time. It is mostly millet with some milo and a few BOSS. They can all sprout.
es, I have sprouted them in the past for the parakeets. I was just wondering about the filler seeds. The wild birds tossed them out for the squirrels!
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