std blk and buff cochin eggs 6+


12 Years
Oct 8, 2009
northeast corner al
okay, i am going to start collecting to set again. up for auction is 6+ std blk and buff cochin eggs. they could be pure or mixed. they are all in the same pen. the parents are healthy, gentle and have plenty of fluff. if you have any question pm me. thank you for looking. i almost always throw in a couple of surprise eggs. could be pekin duck or bantam cochin or top hat.

every eggs will be bubble wrapped and nestled in enought shredded paper so the box will not mash. i have had good reviews about this packaging method.
let me just say to the person who wins this auction. my cochin girls have been very very generous this week. i have collected over a dozen eggs since the auction began. i expect to get at least another 4 to 6 before the auction is over. so this is quite a deal.

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