strange finding in my nest box, chunk of raw chicken?


May 25, 2021
I went to collect eggs this morning and found this strange think in with the eggs. My chickens are a year old and have been laying since January. I had a couple of broody chickens this spring but all are broken and I have been waiting for one to begin laying again. I have attached a picture of what I found and then I opened it and it looks like raw chicken meat and yolk material. What is this? All of the chickens are acting normal and I do not have any roosters and they have no access to a rooster. I was not sure where to post this and worry that it may be a part of one of my chickens so sorry if this is not an emergency.


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Thank you all for the information. I cut it open and it is very gelatinous so it was difficult to get a clean cut. there was also this other small piece under the larger thing. I cut that too. How do I determine which chicken produced this? I hope it is not a lash egg but I can see from the article why that is coming up.


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