Stray dog attack... ending in a shoot out!

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  1. Can I vent please??

    While in the house today, I heard my guineas "chi-chi-ing" like crazy outside so I decided to investigate. Immediately once I got outside I saw a pile of guinea feathers and soon found one of them almost dead and then I saw the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two of them. They were mean and barking at me while I was trying to protect what was left of my poor guinea... he soon died. My DH raced home to help me keep the dogs away from my other free-rage hens but apparently they got one of them as well. Oh, and the bigger dog tried attacking my husband but he was able to push him away with his truck door.

    We immediately called animal control because the dogs would not leave and the bigger one was practically having a stand off with us! Finally, "animal control" (apparently in our area, the sheriff's office responds to this!?!?) arrived and the dogs started to bark and approach the officer. All of a sudden, gun shots go off and both dogs are DEAD! The officer, afraid of being attacked shot them both on our yard!!!

    I really don't know what to think!!?? I am furious that we have two dead birds, and even more upset that we live on 20 acres and can't successfully free-range our chickens because other people can't keep their own pets on their own property!! I am glad that those dogs will not attack again, but I really didn't want it to end THIS way! And my poor other guinea who was spared has been calling for her mate all day since the attack [​IMG]

    Sorry for the long post..............

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    Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry for you and the little guinea tha lost her mate. I would be in so much shock. [​IMG]
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    I understand.. on the one hand, the dogs lost their lives. On the other, they took lives from you AND threatened you on your own property. It happens, and you shouldn't feel like it's your fault. It wasn't. It was the people responsible for the dogs. Had the dogs been even slightly more aggressive, they could have attacked first and barked later. Considering how ballsy they were, feel lucky that you weren't hurt. I'm sorry about your guinea [​IMG]
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    thats horrible about your birds, [​IMG] especially the poor guinea... the sherrifs dept ends up being "animal control" in many rural counties. my dbf end up taking care of alot of rabid animals around here while on duty.
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    [​IMG] Sorry to hear about the losses. I have had problems with dogs too. Dont blame your self for the dogs. The Deputy was only defending himself. You never know what these types of dogs will do. Hope your birds do well after this!![​IMG]

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    Too many of the same story with different characters on BYC lately. I'm sorry for your loss. GOOD for the deputy who shot them. Those were very dangerous dogs and it was obvious you and your husband were in danger. There was no other choice in your situation, period.
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    My neighbor came by this morning, something got 2 of his birds as they were free-ranging, he said "I know your dogs stay in your yard" I told him it was likely the 2 Lab mixes on the other side of him. Those 2 dogs have been in my yard harrassing my birds through the wire.
    I suspect that the 2 suspect dogs will "disappear" if he catches them in his yard. These are the same dogs I almost hit the other day because they were running wide open down the driveway and right out into the road!
  8. Thank you all.

    One thing I should add... the reason I chose to get guineas was to have them as "watch birds" for my other hens. They have been great especially since we live in a hawk-infested area. This is my first loss. If my guineas hadn't started the alert, who knows how many more chickens those dogs would have gotten!
  9. The authorities did what needed to be done. Let us see the owners of the dogs gripe about this one.

    I would send a letter to the law office explaining that you appreciate their quick response. You may need them in the future.

    Officers of the law appreciate this feedback as they themselves sometimes have after thoughts about what they do in these type of situations.

    I am sooo sorry you lost your Guinea fowl. These birds are innocent and dumb. Protecting them is so hard as they love to free range.

    I live in a very rural area and I do not even bother calling the sheriff. If I have a problem with a dog destroying my livestock I just destroy them. I dont even bury 'em. I take them down to the lake and in the morning the coyotes will have draged of the carcus.

    Probem solved.
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    Sorry that happend!! That had to be a bad ordeal to watch.

    Those dogs sounded really agressive. It was probably a good thing the officer shot them. Don't beat yourself up about it. Thank goodness you didn't loose any more than you did.

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