stuck chick??? low temps, hatching...HELP

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    I'm telling you, this week is a mess....out of 25 eggs...and i'm on day 21... i just had 3 hatch so that is really really sticky looking. then, even though the hygrometer reads 65 percent, my temps dropped to 92??? huh??? so i just got it up to 98. now i looked, and there is a chick with 1/2 a shell still stuck to his butt and some egg whites. called my dads friend and they told me to quickly take out the 3 so they dont damage that one, and wrap the egg shell in a wet paper towel. so i did. now i wonder even though the humidity is still reading 65 percent, how much damage did i do to the other eggs that are pipped?
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    Sometimes the shells stick a bit. He probably would have eventually kicked it off. Don't open it again until hatching is done. Sit on your hands if you have to. Give it more time before you help anymore.
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    I agree with's never a good idea to help, IMO. GOOD LUCK!!!! [​IMG]

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