Stupid rooster thinks he's the boss.

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    Nov 8, 2010
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    Our good old barred rock Charlie has done it again. He sparred at me. That is the third time I believe. I was just trying to get Maddy away from eating his tail area (his feathers don't grow at his tail due to that reason) and he puffed his neck feathers up. So I got Maddy away and stood before Charlie all big and proud, I hear your supposed to give them a gentle kick so I attemped to and he jumped back clucking like crazy. I looked at him and Charlie started to pick at ground (sort of like how male gorillas defend their territory). So then I said "Whatcha gonna do Charlie? You think your gonna kick my butt?", then I put my foot foward because I was getting closer to him and he sparred. He jumped quite a bit higher and more forward then the other times. And what did I do? Well seeing as the gentle kick doesn't work I behaved like a chicken. I know this is silly but I...
    I squatted down a wee bit and flapped my wings (arms), made clucking noises (which had all the hens come to me [​IMG] I'm loved), picked random sticks or rocks off the ground like he was doing, stomped the ground and did my little chicken acting towards him. Charlie froze up and puffed his neck feathers and attemped to spar once more but I stopped him by quickly standing up and nudging him with my foot. He "BOK BOK BOK BOKKKED" and jumped the other direction running away and looking back as he ran. My mom didn't care much and just said "don't hurt yourself or the chicken", she was there setting up the cage we'll be seperating for him because of his tail injury.
    The hens kinda stood around watched and after Charlie and I were done they went back to the scratch and chasing the younger chickens away. I walked past Charlie a few times and he clucked and walked away from me. I know Moochie (herself the chicken) loves Charlie (they mate quite a bit) but I can't have them mate when I'm around right? So what do I do when he mates with a hen when I'm around? The gentle kick?
    Also I feel like I haven't won, what do you think?
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    Aug 20, 2010
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    I didn't know that they shouldn't mate where we're around. I read that in another thread also. My 16 week old roo mates all the time. He had just started (about 2 weeks ago) so many attempts were clumsy and "unfinished", but he is getting better at it.

    At first I would chase him off the hens because it looked so violent and they seemed to hate it, but then they all seem to be ok with it and I do nothing. Should I be stopping him when I see it?
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    You haven't won yet, but you are making all the right moves. He will try you again- don't back down. YOU ARE THE BOSS!
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    Nov 13, 2010
    Right, just tip him off the hen with your foot. You got the right result - he retreated while making worried noises - so continue what you're doing until he stays a distance from you.

    Lisa, interrupting mating is one way to establish dominance. The dominant rooster stops all the others from mating. It's a lot of work, though, so I just interrupt when they do it near me. (Mr. Big Rooster is kept busy scurrying all over the yard putting sneaky Mr. Junior Rooster in his place!)

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