Suffered some damage today

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  1. melliott

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    Sep 22, 2012
    North West Ohio
    Well my chickens are 5 weeks old and I'm about 90 percent done with their coop and run. I was out fitting the doors and went in the garage to get a drill and a huge gust of wind came and flipped the coop over on its side. Made a heck of a racket. All I could do was just chuckle a bit. No sense in crying over spilled milk. At least the girls were still in their brooder inside the garage. I called a buddy over and with his and my wifes help we got it stood back up. I took some 2X4s and ripped them down the middle and made some stakes and drove them in the ground at all four corners and fastend them to the coop. It busted the roof panels all up but other than that it wasnt too bad. We were going to move them out tomorrow but it looks like Im gonna need some more time to repair it.....Mike
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    WOW it must have gotten real windy!!!! Glad no one got hurt! Good Luck with the move out!

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