swollen eye area


Apr 12, 2018
my 4 year old Americana is acting perfectly normal. My son noticed her swollen eye yesterday. I have 6 hens including her. Everyone else is looking and acting normal. Never had any health problems.

I do have a huge population of house sparrows this year eating my girls food and drinking thier water.



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Bubbles in the eyes could indicated Mycoplasma, but she may have gotten some debris in the eye, injury or bug bite.

I'd look her over for bugs.

General care if the rinse the eye with saline, remove any debris, bubbles and/or pus. Apply an eye ointment like Terramycin in the eye or you can use triple antibiotic ointment.

Keep watch for other symptoms like more swelling, going off feed, mucous, coughing, wheezing, lethargy, etc. If symptoms worsen, then seeking vet care is best or you can try treating with an antibiotic like Tylan/Tylosin.
could lice or mites cause this.

We have a ton of house sparrows swarming and "sharing" the waterer and food of my hens. could they bring in problems? I assume so.
Hard to know what's causing it.
Wild birds can carry illnesses, so if there's a way to deter them or cover your run with netting, that would be a good idea.

Lice or mites can contribute to general unwellness, so look over your flock to make sure they aren't part of the issue.

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