taking 1 week old chicks away from mom


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Oct 15, 2008
I have a very wild bantam and she hatched 8 of the cutest chicks, now my question is should I take them from mom now? she is so wild and I would like to tame the chicks. What is she likely to do? I have 14 wk old RIR's and I am not sure how I will ever get these young ones in with them. any information would be appreciated:barnie
I wouldn't. They do better being raised by a Mama. She will probably turn them loose around 3 or 4 weeks and you can tame them then. Why not let her raise them with the flock? If she is a good Mama she will protect them from the other hens. You would need to supervise at first, though.
Thanks Ddawn, she is a great mother but she isn't with the other chickens she was left at our boarding stables by a previous tenant and always hung out with an old rooster that just died by the way, he was the dad to these babies, but they were so wild. I will wait until they are older and then try to tame them.

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