"taming" Easter Eggers?

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    I keep reading here about people's Easter Eggers being so friendly they will jump up in their laps and give their owners kisses. OK, maybe that's a slight egg-zageration, but I do know they are friendlier than mine, which will approach me and eat from my hand, but will barely let me handle them, and some are so flighty they run to whichever corner of the pen that is furthest from me. So my question is this:

    What do y'all do to with your birds to make them so people friendly? And can more mature birds (pullet/cockerel) be tamed or can this only be done while they are still chicks?
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    There is hope to tame birds that are not babies. It's more challenging but not impossible.

    The way I use to tame birds is: start by scattering feed around you and talking to the birds. Do not touch them. Just speak softly and gently. After about a week of doing this, hand feed them but again, don't touch them. After another week or so, hand feed them with one hand and stroke them with the other. Never stop talking to them. Eventually, when they hear your voice, they should come running, expecting a treat and a friendly hand.

    Also, remember, all chickens are different with their own personalities. Even if MOST EEs are friendly, it doesn't mean all will be lap lovers.

    Best of luck!
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    2x @MountainPeeps. How old are your chickens? I also had impression that EEs are friendly but a few of mine were flighty and aloof until the point of lay. They used to run and hide from me until few weeks ago when they start laying eggs. Now they're the first ones to greet me and jump on my arms when I enter the run or the coop. [​IMG]
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    One of my EEs (not laying yet) is my 'baby'. She is always at my feet or by my side if I'm sitting. She 'talks' to me constantly, looking up at me. Sometimes will jump in my lap or on my shoulder. The other one (laying already) still does no like to be touched and runs from me. Moral of the story - all chickens are different. Some like to be held, some don't. However I'd try what Mountain Peeps said. Can't hurt

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    Thanks, I'll try that. And yeah, I know about the personality thing, I noticed it when they were still chicks; The Black Hen Formerly Known As Silvertips and Braveheart were always the friendliest and Robin the loner, always running from everyone, primate or avian.
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    Sit on your backside among them and doing something that occupies you like read a book. Periodically drop a little feed or treats at your feet but do not look at the birds. When they start coming in make so they have to get food off your leg working their way up as they get more confident. Do not try to grab them as that can cause them to fear you. Handling will come later after they let you touch them with the back of your hand.

    Treat I use most often is live meal worms. All of my birds trained at least a little and some very much so for public display.
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    OK, but what book should I read to them? Oh I know, how about "Chicken Little"?..no wait, the concept of the sky falling might scare them. Ohh! I got it! "Tillie Lays An egg"! [​IMG]

    (Hint, hint? [​IMG] )
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    Mine were REALLY flighty when they were younger, but they've calmed as they've gotten older. My youngest ones flock to me now every time I go out there, but my cock doesn't like that so he tries to chase them off.

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