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    Mar 26, 2009
    Very new to the chicken/egg experience--I have recently been sharing my eggs with family and friends until I decide what to do with so many gifts from my hens. [​IMG]

    One friend said that she thought the eggs have a strong after-taste. I have not experienced that and haven't had any more reports from anyone else but was wondering what may cause that. I am giving them Dumor layer crumble and cracked corn plus what ever bread and greens I have leftover from the kitchen. We do have well water.

    Our flock is made up of 25 Black Stars and 1 Bantam Cochin and 1 Hamburg. We have 3 cochin roosters and 1 black star rooster. I really am just learning as I go.

    Also having trouble with the hens not laying in the nesting boxes but I do get about 18 eggs per day in the nesting boxes. We recently found a clutch in the back of our truck! I suspect that the problem with the eggs that my friend said she did not like was because she left them on her desk all day instead of refrigerating them. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I think she ought to try them again...Personally I think fresh eggs taste lighter and fluffier. Maybe she isn't a chicken person and was really over analyzing it? I don't really think not refrigerating them for a little bit is gonna make a huge difference- as long as they weren't in full sun or something. Just tell her she may be used to older eggs? haha? I don't know...[​IMG]
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    They may have more flavor because they get sunlight and roaming time, and if they are really fresh, some elements like sulfur hasn't escaped the egg, but as for fridge vs not... many places store them just in the kitchen or in cupboards.
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    Jan 14, 2009
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    its not aftertaste, tell her thats how a real egg should taste... not those waterballoon poor excuses that you get from those "eggeries"
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    I went out for breakfast once after I'd been eating my chickens eggs for awhile. OMG.....[​IMG] The eggs from the restaurant were terrible! They had a musty sort of taste to them. Never again!!!! [​IMG]
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    If my friend said "One friend said that she thought the eggs have a strong after-taste." Guess what? NO MORE EGGS FOR THIS ONE![​IMG] Not that she is a bad friend or anything she's just ignorant to the fact. Anyone that says this is nuts and needs to keep going to Winn Dixie or Shop Rite. But this is a usual response for a flatlander (that is what we call em' here anyway) I have had people at work tell me that my eggs are bad because they were green and they threw them out without ever crackin one!! So they never got another dozen again. Also I have heard I CANT BELEIVE YOU WOULD KILL A CHICKEN JUST TO EAT IT! THATS GROSS!! But yet they have no problem ordering chicken marsala for $15.00 a plate at lunch! Now I think THAT is GROSS I guess ignorance really is bliss:D
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    It is truly a shame in this commercial society that people are now so far removed from the food chain and their food supply. Many people do not even know what real food is anymore. Eggs and reactions like your friends are a perfect example.

    Common questions from children and teenagers on farm visits (all across this country) are...

    But is it real butter - like the grocery stores have?
    Eeewww, those eggs are weird. The yolks are dark. Are they spoiled?

    Such a sad state of affairs!

    If you have the patience, you could help educate your friend. But I wouldn't waste many eggs on her.
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    Oct 9, 2007
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:It became extremely apparent to a friend and I last year when we raise a batch of Cornish x's. They were great! He's married with two kids. None of them; his wife, his son(12), or his daughter(8) would eat the meat from the chickens we raised. His wife said "if it doesn't come from a store, it's not the real thing." I wish so bad there was a production farm or whatever we could tour to show her how her "real thing" is handled.
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    Feb 21, 2009
    Jasper Texas
    THat 'taste' is the main reason I got back into chickens after 5 years. I MISS the taste. I cant even eat the crap they sell at the store. Look how pale it is compared to a 'real' egg!!

    And speaking of 'real' food. If I wasnt so lazy, I'd have a milk cow. I had one growing up, and its hard for me to drink milk from the store. Its like water with some milk added. [​IMG]

    Even the meat tastes differnt. Pork chops you raise are richer and taste like pork. Here lately I cant tell the difference in store bought meats. they all taste the same. Like the batter I fried them in. Or salt and pepper. They have no 'taste'...

    Sorry, I kinda went off there. But I agree. No more eggs for HER!
    Tell her thats what eggs are SUPPOSED to taste like, when they are FRESH. NOT 3 months OLD!

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