Temp Spike in Stil Air Incubator?


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Right so Ive got an Ecostat 80 Polstyrene Incubator, running at 37-8* and about 50-60 humidity.

Opened the box to roll my eggs and bam temp is reading 44*

How can it have spiked when im running the heating element on a thermostat? Is my digital thermo just getting nackered by the heat and humidity (its only a cheap £5 one)

My analogue hygrometer got water in the case so now reads 30% whatever, and my analogue themometer was reading about 44, but it is higher in the incubator than the eggs.

Can my eggs survive a 44* spike if it did happen? Or should I just pitch them now
It depends on how long it was that high for. If it was more than a day..You might be in trouble- but otherwise- its best to wait and see in a day or two by candling the eggs. The temp at the core of the egg may still have been right if it wasnt high for too long- eggs gain and loose temp fairly slowly in relation to the air inside the bator. Also having the gauge higher than the eggs may be another reason not to worry too much - the temp can range alot between the top and bottom in a still air bator.

Fingers are crossed for you and the eggs.
Our digital thermometer was a piece of crap and we ended up cooking one batch of eggs in their last week. By that time I had stopped looking at the analog thermometer and by the time I looked at it again, it was too late. I don't use digital anymore because of that.
The max it could have been high was about 8-9 hours because I record the temp first and last thing before I go to bed.

The eggs felt hot to the touch, but I suppose even if they were at 37* that is higher temp than my hands so must feel warm.

Hoping now! Candling in 3 days to see how the babes are doing

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