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    Do we have a terminology thread or forum? I am a fairly educated gal but as a newbie, some words, terms and "slang" are unfamiliar to me. I don't mind looking them up, but if I leave a thread or hop to a google window for a minute it is pretty common that my BYC app glitches and I have to close it and reopen. Perhaps I am just not seeing one?
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    Apr 23, 2019
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    Here's another:
    A bunch of non-chicken ones:
    admin Administrator
    AFAIC As far as I'm concerned
    BCBG Bon Chic Bon Genre
    BION Believe it or not
    BOT Back on topic
    BTW By the way
    bump Forum post message bump
    cata Cataclysm
    CG Computer Graphics
    Derail To take a discussion off topic
    Ditto Same
    EOT End of thread
    FTR For the record
    GOAT Greatest of all time
    hlp Help
    HTH Hope this helps
    hw Hardware
    IA I agree
    IAC In any case
    IAP In-app purchase
    IC I see
    ICYMI In case you missed it
    IDK I don't know
    IDU I don't understand
    IGI I get it
    IIRC If I remember correctly
    IMHO In my humble opinion
    IMO In my opinion
    IMSO In my sovereign opinion
    IOW In other words
    IRT In regards to
    JFGI Just flippin' Google it
    LAN Local Area Network
    LARP Live action role-playing
    MBP MacBook Pro
    MSRP Manufacturer's suggested retail price
    MT Mistype
    MTF More to follow
    n00b A new or inexperienced user
    N64 Nintendo 64
    NDS Nintendo DS
    NES Nintendo Entertainment System
    Noob Newbie
    nxt Next
    OBO Or best offer
    OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
    OMG Oh my gosh
    OOMF One of my followers
    OT Off topic
    OT Other topic
    OTOH On the other hand
    PC Personal computer
    PC Politically correct
    PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair
    PM Private message
    PMJI Pardon my jumping in
    POTUS President of the United States
    POV Point of view
    PR Public relations
    PS PlayStation
    PS2 PlayStation 2
    PS3 PlayStation 3
    PSP PlayStation Portable
    Put on blast To call out
    QFE Question for everyone
    QQ Quick question
    RFC Request for comment
    RMA Return Merchandise Authorization
    SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
    SCOTUS Supreme Court of the United States
    SEO Search engine optimization
    SERP Search engine results page
    SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    sw Software 200
    sysop System operator (chat monitor)
    TBD To be determined
    TBE To be edited
    TBF To be fair
    TBH To be honest
    TCG Trading card game
    thx Thanks
    TIL Today I learned
    TLDR Too long, didn't read
    TPTB The powers that be
    Troll A person who posts offensive comments
    Trolling Posting offensive comments
    TY Thank you
    ul Upload
    UX User Interface
    Vet Veteran
    VOD Video on demand
    VR Virtual reality
    WADR With all due respect
    WDYT What do you think
    WRT With regard to
    xp Experience
    Y Why
    You win the Internet You are awesome
    YW You're welcome
    YWA You're welcome anyway
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