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Jan 28, 2020
I am relatively new to having chickens and have had our current flock since September 2019. We now have 18 in our flock-- one Turken, Barred Rocks, Red Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorn, Easter Eggers, Jersey Giants and a few that I would love to be able to identify! Sadly, we lost our first hen to a hawk today.

We live in the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY State. My husband and I grow many of our own veggies, and are big into preserving! We also have two rabbits (pets) and a cat. While my husband is a full time high school English teacher, I am a former chef, and having left that career, am now doing many of the things that I love-- raising our children, gardening, preserving food, learning to play guitar, teaching myself to crochet, and keeping hens. I am looking forward to learning from BackYard Chicken members.
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