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    Jul 30, 2010
    hi i have kept peafowl for many years in england,but never from chicks
    this has been an experience!!!
    first,need to know the sex difference!!
    a nice gal from this site pointed out the way to tell,even offered that i send her pics,and then she would post them,as my"webtv" system cannot do this!!
    well,like she said i would,have seen the light!!
    she said it would be like night and day,when these guys get 8 weeks and older!!
    well,now i have only 3,males,as i want to free range them on my street,and DONT want them to multiply!!
    guessed the sexes,but had them dna sexed too.
    i was right.
    have heard various reports of birds being free ranged,but have heard that i have a more than average chance?
    1,my birds were gotten at 1 day old?
    2,i have 3 males,but one is SOOO TAME,the other 2 follow him around,so am thinking,if this continues,as long as he sticks around,,then so will the others?
    they are all in a temp enclosure,on my patio,but am releasing them every day,further and further from this pen!!
    with the help of treats
    in fact the dominant male is driving me crazy right now
    he always taps the window when i leave for work,at 2am
    now have figured out how to release the paint from my window!!!
    'now he is all over me,and the kitchen!!!!!!


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