THE Chicken diet


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Vista, CA
I think I lost 10 pounds this morning moving all my babies around!! It is so darn hot and the eat index is up due to the humidity spilling over from the east side of the county. I have a small run that is about 1.5' high x 6' long & 3' wide that I keep my just-off-the-heat babies in...well, I had to get in there and move them

I took all the older and larger breeds out and placed them in the 5' x 8' x 6' my two turkey and ugly lavender guinnea were in and left the bantams in the brood run. I moved my silkies in with the quail and then moved the ducklings over to another vacant pen. That darn guinea will NEVER grow on me. Now I just need to move the baby quail in a few days. With this heat I amnot turning the light on for a while.

I don't want to move until itcools down either...freak snow storm, anyone?
I know what ya mean, although it is about 88 here in Kentucky, I've been cleaning out coops most of the day and it isn't fun! I moved some chicks to their run today and I was sweating buckets! I wish it would snow too!
Well, I think because Irene is being blamed on the Republicans, we can blame our humidity on Governor Brown and the uproar he's creating after saying he will sign a bill that will give CA tax money to illegals to go to college in this state...because our own children aren't good enough or something. Who ever said charity begins at home obviously must have come from another planet!!

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