The Master's Cup Show vrs Ohio National?

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  1. Silseb

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    Dec 26, 2012

    This fall in November. Webster City, Iowa.

    Which do you think would be more worth the trip out? Columbus Ohio National or the Masters Cup?
  2. duckluck

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Not to knock the Master's Cup, but this is a first-run for them and they are trying something that, to my knowledge, has not been tried before. There's been a lot of chatter on and off-boards about it. They seem to have some nice things planned but it is still a bit too early to tell how the fancy is moving with it...they just now asked for biography submissions from prospective exhibitors for their show catalog in the Poultry Press.

    The Ohio National, on the other hand, is well-established and looking to have a record setting show this year, not only with the ABA Centennial but with a host of other national meets running concurrently there.

    You'll have to decide for yourself what you are looking for and how either venue might fill that need...or, if you can attend both! Both will have their place in the history of the fancy.

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