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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bulldogma, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    Del thanks for the herb break down. As a newbie on the seen and trying to do the best by my animals I appreciate the share.
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    Delisha- I cleaned everyone's feet tonight. Boy does the dirt/mud get packet in the crevices of their feet!! Just the one had a circle on her foot. I meant to take a picture when I went back out to trim butts but forgot.

    I thought I would share before & after pics of Red. She had the worse prolapsed vent a few months ago. All I did was put a few coats of Nustock on and then gave then parsley, cilantro fresh for a month or so and I added game bird conditioner to their ff. I am happy to say even the 2 smallest hens have some heft to them now and have filled out. I even noticed their legs are thicker now. They will all be a year old next month.

    2/16/13 is when I did my first in depth hen inspection. This is reds bottom then. According to my notes approx 3 times I put Nustock on her bottom.

    Here is the same hen and her messy butt today. Vent is clean & healthy looking color to skin
    And here it is after I trimmed it up. I think fluffy butt feathers multiply as u cut them there was FEATHERS EVERYWHERE. everyone got a trim. No one was impressed. But they got rice & meal worms for their troubles :)

    And one other thing I noticed is that they radiate heat from their vent areas. And my mom couldn't believe how toasty their stomach were when she held them for me. Those down feathers sure do keep the heat in :)

    BDM ur chicks are beautiful. I love the look of SFH and wish I could add some to my flock.
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    Don't know if anyone has already answered this but i'm off to bed now.(Uk time) A lot of people buy dried liver treats for their cats and dogs, Idon't know US based info but if you try an online pet shop, you should find some. If I remember correctly they are not that cheap. I know of someone that dries her own chicken hearts for treats for her cats. I have never treid it but I think it is just chop small and placed in the oven. Don't know whether this would work for liver.
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    my mother dehydrates liver for her dogs as treats. she slices it thin and then puts it in her dehydrator. I will warn you though, it STINKS. I mean, really, truly, gag inducing STINKS. We do it outside. If she does it in winter she does it in the garage and it STILL makes the house smell. My recomendation? slice into skinny strips (sort of like liver "worms) and freeze in singler serving glopse on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Peel frozen glops off of wax paper and place in a large zip lock freezer bag. The evening before you want to feed liver, pull a frozen glop out of the bag and put out to thaw. Just my .02!
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    Mar 7, 2012
    Ok, I decided to bite the bullet and cull the hen with respiratory do I make my pen sanitary again. Spray it down with bleach? What about my other birds that I so stupidly put in harms way. Just monitor for symptoms ? Is there anything I should be giving them? I already do acv in water and ff. I plan on cleaning out my coop and spraying it down with bleach to kill any critters in there. This is a very good leson learned, just hope its not too late. So far no one else is showing signs. A little sneezing, but they were eating when I was monitoring too.
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    Duh...never thought of making my own...that way I could buy grass-fed too. Thanks for the input on that. I could do the dehydrator, BM (!), but I think I'd sit it outside on the deck. Of course, every meat-eating critter for miles around would probably come running!

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    I believe it is the same reason you have so many people parrot the same old same old advice on so many threads giving advice that is hearsay. Coming from someone who read something from someone. It amazes me how much advice is bogus. I've been raising chickens for fifty years. I learn something new every day. But one thing is for sure. I didn't know citrus and parsley was poisonous to chickens. I didn't know a lot of things were bad until I read about it recently on the internets. I always believed my chickens knew what they wanted to eat and not eat. I kind of figured the chickens had some instincts in this area and I leave them to it. They free range. I feed them the best I can when those pickings are slim. So far...The chickens know best.
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    These are about 30 inches off the floor, the boards are 24 inches deep covered with Sweet PDZ stall freshener (you can use sand, shavings, or some types of kitty litter,) they have a 4 inch lip around them in front, the roosts are 11-12 inches higher than the boards, and the whole thing frees up extra floor space underneath. Takes me about 15 minutes with a kitty litter shovel and a plastic dustpan to clean a 40 foot long board into a 5 gallon bucket that I empty into a compost pile. The PDZ (zeolyte) is non-toxic, drying to your litter, and can be thrown into the garden with no worries.
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    So cute!
    Like this idea. Might also work to separate one who is being picked on until healing if wounded.
    Good info & ideas.
    You? Do something dumb? haha oh well I guess everyone succombs at some point in life. LOL You are one of my inspirations. But I HAVE THE MARKET CORNERED on doing dumb things. hahahaha
    x to the inth degree on this one. Other than foreign objects like styrofoam or metal pieces (non organics) I agree chickens do seem to know. Maybe it is just the genetic God given instinct to follow his pattern. Like some birds build hanging nests and some build with sticks..... it is in their makeup.
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Thank you sooo much!! This is eggzactly the type of info I have been looking for!!!

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