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You have pictures of the parent birds your getting eggs from?

@Tonyroo I’m so sorry I missed this post. Here are a few pics
0058EE74-40B3-44EE-9488-FF9A2D6291BD.jpeg 6BE25ED1-F11F-4C63-9FC4-8F3B4D3BE774.jpeg 60BC1338-E17A-4096-8EEE-173D40E2E2A4.jpeg FF6C2980-5CB3-4C69-9384-0F271634BDE4.jpeg CE6CF3B6-7522-45F0-A926-6D010D4F4EC7.jpeg 6C7F61F7-D867-41F8-911E-F7935907A796.jpeg 1D7E31F1-FE18-4EEF-AF2F-B66322297D92.jpeg F37DE0F6-5B05-462B-9B28-84A17F7E8AFC.jpeg 23EE5FDD-66F4-401E-8E42-C99EAA121F56.jpeg 85261556-640C-4526-A6F8-A0D474916ADB.jpeg CF5AB5FE-55CF-4653-A260-80404004E13B.jpeg E5292B12-91C7-4350-AF18-A7E7EE0DDBC6.jpeg 92C48B86-E1B1-4779-A360-2435CF63CBA8.jpeg


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Heads-up! The BYC Easter Hatch-Along is coming up!

Set Chicken eggs on Saturday, March 13th at Noon (whatever time zone you are in).

Other poultry breed setting dates listed in the table below:
Type of EggDays to HatchSet Dates
Emu49 - 55February 7 to February 13
Muscovy duck35February 27
Goose28 - 32March 2 to March 6
Pheasant22 - 29March 5 to March 12
Mallard (derived) duck, goose,28March 6
Turkey, Guinea, Peafowl28March 6
Call duck and other bantam ducks26March 8
Bobwhite quail23March 11
Seramas other small bantams19 - 21March 13 to March 15
Chickens21March 13
Pigeons17 - 19March 15 to March 17
Coturnix quail18March 16
Doves14 - 16March 18 to March 20
Button quail16March 18


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I Can Start. I'm getting a bunch of eggs.

Batch #1
1 Doz Easter Egger eggs
Start at $10 Shipping $15
There is a calico Orpington hen in the group
View attachment 2491412

Batch #2
1 Doz BBS Turken Eggs
Start at $25 Shipping $15
View attachment 2491417
I've not done this before but I'll take the starting bid on batch 1, the ee's. If I did it wrong, let me know.

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