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Jul 24, 2018
In the coop, Northern CA

The shop is cold today. I yawn, scared of what might happen if I fall asleep again. And they find me... I look around, wanting to see if Rhiannon is here yet. She would come with Pierce, obviously.
I decided to text her.

R U coming?

She responds,
Ya, brt Brooke.

I set up my jazz music, and order myself a double coffee with caramel and extra whip. I hold it, warming up my freezing cold hands. I pull some white gloves out of my pack and slip them on. I adjust my skin tight cotton candy colored shirt and pull up my high-waisted-white-washed-jeans. I hear a jingling sound as the door opens and closes. I look over my shoulder to see Rhiannon and Pierce. I raise my hand a little and they walk over to my booth.
"The slayers are coming." Pierce says as he and Rhiannon slide in across from me.
"I know. And I'm scared. Last time I went to the training place... Well, it's only getting worse." I said. The waiter came over and gave me my strawberry tart. I nodded to her and she went away. "It won't get better unless we find the source. And find more Normals."

Summary- You are either a normal, a slayer, or a human. NORMALS AND HUMANS ARE NOT THE SAME!!! A human is like you and me. Normals look and act pretty NORMAL but, that is their goal. When ever they fall asleep, they go to the Training Area. There they train. There goal is to get rid of the Monsters from Realm 3 that are trying to get into Realm 1. They are incharge of sending things to Realm 4. They also are often Inhumans. Slayers try and kill Normals. A slayers job is to release all the creatures from Realm 3 to Earth. They are the bad guys, but they are born into the job, so the HAVE to be slayers. If they don't know if someone is a Normal or not, they are known to be kind to them

You can only have a total of 3 charries.

Date Of Birth-
SUPER descriptive)-
Describing words about him/her(Not personality)-
Importance to you-
Which are you?- Slayer Normal Human
Extra(Literally anything else)-
Do you want a character ref?-
Is your charrie in the book?-

The Realms
Realm 1- Human Realm, Earth
Realm 2- Slayers realm, Center Of The Earth, were Nightmares happen
Realm 3- Inhuman Realm, were monsters live, were you can find Dragons, Unicorns, and Extinct Species
Realm 4- Dream Realm, anything can happen here, if you enter, you can't leave. Ever.

The areas

Training Area- A large courtyard, with a door in each corner. The doors go to the different realms. Normals are only allowed to go back to their own realm.
Slayers Hideout- Were the Slayers live
Fly Home Cafe- Were Normals meet when they are feeling, well, normal. This is where the RP starts. Humans are seen there often as well.
Reese Gets a Piece- A sweet shop that Slayers meet at. Humans are seen there often as well.

I'm making a book called The Normals so if you want your character to be part of this book just say yes to the last question on the form.

Some um Yah, chat away, get charries approved, discuss!
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Jul 24, 2018
In the coop, Northern CA
Here is my only charrie-
Name- Brooke Charlotte Olsen
Age- 16 technically 4 (Leap year B-Day)
Gender- F
Date Of Birth- The day that leap year is!
Grade- Junior in High School
Crush/BF/GF- Open!
BFF- Open!
Strengths- Popular, athletic, strong, petite, multilingual
Weaknesses- short, clumsy, petite, Claustrophobic
Looks(Be SUPER descriptive)- Tan skin, freckles, not very curvy, short as in 5'2", her hair reaches he butt, so she always does french or dutch braids, ombre hair, very round face, large green eyes, apple body type, almost all ways in high waisted jeans, in winter you will never not see her in a beige trench coat. Oh and she has wings. They have a 20 foot wingspan. GIANT dove wings. zzz (1).png But her and most Normals have a "mist" that covers them. So no one but Normals can see her wings.
Describing words about him/her(Not personality)- Small, Petite, Ombre-haired, fair skinned, green eyed, freckled, multilingual, popular, athletic, single-pringle-ready-to-mingle,
Importance to you- She is very important
Which are you?- Slayer (Normal) Human
Extra(Literally anything else)- Her parents are famous, and she is a budding singer. She is peskatarian(only meat she eats is fish) and lives on 25 acres. She has a flock of Chinese Bejings with a Silkie rooster. Her favorite hen is "Ms. Piggy". She owns a mule, "Dazzle" who is a Gyspy Vanner/Donkey mix. Along with that, she has rabbits, "Donner" and "Trinity" are her favorite. She also has goats, sheep, and pigs. She has a brother, Named Peter, who isn't important. She has two dogs, Sunny a golden retriever, and Sierra a Border Collie. She may seem snobby, but she doesn't act like it. She is also very famous on Youtube, her channel is "Fame and 25 acres"
Do you want a character ref?- Yes
Is your charrie in the book?- Yes
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Jul 24, 2018
In the coop, Northern CA
You don't have to give them much. Just some subtle differences in the genetic makeup, or personality.
How long have you been planning this book?

Well, I already started the book, I'm starting this RP for a "Writers Block Cure" a little bit. The plot is a bit complicated, but interesting.

Edit: I also got bored of being in only Warrior Cat RPs

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Jun 26, 2017
Ye, the animal RP's are fun and all, but they can get kinda stale when all there is to interact with is woods, woods, and more woods.
I don't want to change your book too much, but maybe you should work on your human subspecies? The wizards in Harry Potter are different from normal humans not only because of some kind of inner magic, but often their ecclectic personalities (Dumbledore actually wore high heels in the books.) It doesn't have to be physical differences like with most Inhumans. It could just be abilities.

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