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    We used to do it on our farm. It was amazing how the grass would grow a week or so after the underbrush was burned. We didn't take out a mature tree but it kept the scrub oak and eastern redcedar at bay.
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    Yeh, that ounce of chocolate prevention...just make sure the BAIT is no where that your own beings can snack on it.

    Makes me laugh so much how can I get my hands (in gloves!) on some skunk poo...that would cut to the chase and if I tossed a bit of that UNDER buildings and in hidey holes...well that would be great.

    Now there's a plan...deskunk a herd of skunks (but we can't keep them here in Alberta...they can in the province over, BC) and collected up their droppings...BINGO...what a plan--market and package up skunker deterrents! I may one day fully retire to be just TIRED (all the time)....hee hee...


    Now you'll have to flip for peroxide and baking soda, eh?

    Yeh, we now open the porch door and do the big SNIFFaroo to ensure before we release the hounds! Whatever the outcome, if you let the dog out and a skunk is there...someone's gonna get a stinking and it will be a human that has to work all the more to get it deskunked...sigh!

    Thanks...did not realize we had our own fire tenders here in NA too...[​IMG]

    Absolutely...we are like crapping in our own nest...then you hear on the news how they need to ramp up outer space exploration...yeh, so we can move off the garbage dump WE MADE Earth into and branch out and do it to some place else...wonderbar! Makes it quite the honour to be human, eh!


    Which we are failing miserably at. I often wonder...when we dump oil or make when we say "clean up" I really ponder to what level are we putting things back in order then? WE keep messing the nest without really caring too much.

    Some of us do care and are aware but it seems that the numbers of ones that don't think a moment about being green or doing the kind acts to the Planet or the rights other living creatures have to be able to live on planet Earth...they make up for all of us that would like to be doing the right things.

    Rick and I look at it this way...because if we did not, we'd just be miserable...we figure if everyone DID THEIR part...there would not be such a huge problem. If everyone did their part not to pollute and waste resources, they raised their animals up responsibly, including their own other words "took care of their own," we all would be a lot better off.

    We use to do rescue and foster dogs...that is until I brought one home to rehab and it savagely bit sweet Makins in the ear and caused her to bleed...thru the blood dripping ear, there was my Makes, nose bonking the heathen into submissive compliance to behave and be a good dog! I stopped and thought..."So I am making my own puppers suffer because others won't take care of their own?" I have no right to force my own dependents to suffer because I chose to clean up other's messes. I stopped then and there after finding this one a home after de-programming this last final one. Now I take care of my own and have reason to say, I won't over extend us so what is here is made unhappy.

    Sadly, responsibility for making your presence here on Earth a positive one is not a priority with many; selfishness seems more and more something to revel in. "I want that" campaigns seem to feed the selfies. Bizarre really.

    I see more and more products made to fail...meant to be consumed and tossed or tossed when still in full working order for the next best bigger and brighter inventions. Consumerism!

    The love of antiques (recycling at its finest!), the love of Back to the Land with self-sufficiency (from saving seeds and raising the heritage breeds), trying to be more Natural and kind to Nature (from providing habitat to animals, birds and plants to not adding to the toxic wastes we seem to be oozing everywhere). If each one of us continues to do our part...I guess that is the best one can expect. Will it make up for the hordes that don't, I guess I can't torture myself by going there too much. I do what I do and hope it matters.

    Not like we humans have learned from our past mistakes...we left huge piles of spent amphorae (wine and oil shipping containers), so many they are like mountains of we excavate and do archeological digs to learn about our past in our ancient dumping sites. Can you see someone in the future doing the same to our landfills...ha ha ha...sounds truly funny. "Oh look...a c-can poking up outta the sands...let's map out the site and do an archeological dig to discover more about our past!"

    Have we learned anything or are the Sins of our Fathers mean to revisit us for seven more generations and onwards? [​IMG]

    Makes me laugh as the "primitive" cultures were more in tune with how to coexist and thrive here on Earth. We called so many of these peoples "uncivilized and backwards" and lower than "modern man"...truly, who would be more likely to survive generations forward now? Bows & arrows or atomic bombs?

    37 million years ago...came the alligator. Can we say the same about humans...that we will be here for millions of years in the future here on Earth? Who's smarter then...who deserves to be here more?

    We keep stroking our species like we are the intelligent superior ones. Really--proven how? That we can change an entire planet to suit our supposed wants and we can use it up without a recovery plan to put it back the way it should have remained because was working just fine before we messed it over.

    Rick said yesterday they had blocked the highway north and there was a very large fire raging in Nordegg (where he use to commute to work...three hours one way before he even began to work...loooong days and so glad he quit that beat!).

    So how can we get snow dumped, June deluges, and then go straight into fire season...tut tut tut...

    Hope all the fires bugger out and get doused/stopped. [​IMG]

    Ain't that a we get closer and closer to curing cancers...don't it just jive wrong that we go in reverse now and some diseases we use to have a cure for will come back with a vengeance and take us out thru the back door. I don't take drugs past aspirin...I suffer thru the colds and flus and figure, no pain, no gain...and all the while the very antibiotics I thought were in reserve that would save my sorry butt for when I really, really needed them to stay alive have been all used up in helping to develop super bugs thru resistance! You know back in the day...when the kid had an ear stayed home, nursed him back to health, allowing him to scream his bloomin' sorry lungs out because, well it hurt but we were not going to use up the very drugs that were suppose to SAVE HIM in the future from the things that would outright KILL him in his later life. He lived thru the ear aches...and doctors were NOT willing to prescribe antibiotics for ailments that hurt but you got thru them and recovered from them--by your own true grit! Pain builds character...pain makes it so you know not to put your hand on the red hot element. Now nobody wants anything to take effort or to hurt. Gone are the days where Vikings rowed and sailed across the ocean in an open boat and told stories that were passed down the generations about "how tough they were" and the prices they paid to be successful.


    ""Well there Greenhorn...I remember back in the day walking a mile up hill to school in the dark and then when school was over after dark, we'd walked another mile home UP HILL."

    We'd try telling that kind of story now and get told "Grandpa/ma, you sure were dumb. I take transit!"

    I guess all the generations now that have been raised up on medicated fed domesticated animals...we used up our salvations because we wanted cheap food and the ability to keep animals in conditions that would otherwise up and kill them without these meds. Get them raised up just to the right age to process...whatever is the most cost efficient method available and that does not include the humane ways us BYChickeners do your bippy on that, eh! [​IMG]

    I have posted here before the frightening developments we humans are now doing to our protein producing animal food sources...breeding up animals that are genetically designed not to avoid PAIN...not that they cannot still FEEL pain but making up ones that can be exposed to pain and harm but will not inconvenience us by avoiding the bad conditions and treatments they are made to endure being grown out to be our cheap tasteless mush meats.

    Now things are not all bad and sad...on Saturday when I did my cruise BY the meat counter at the grocery...I did a screeching halt at the poultry section...full dead stop and STARE (wishing I had snuck in my camera which I usually pack everywhere with me!). Get this...SEVENTEEN DOLLARS! Yes, my heart skipped a beat and my brain did a fluttered...$17.00 for a two or three pound raw chicken corpse!

    I took a step forward and then backed up (beep, beep, beep) to look again...the label stated "Humanely RAISED!" Well shucky darn--now there is a venue mimic that I have done all my life. Happiness...they are putting a price on happy meats...finally got down to brass tacks and marketing the reality of what us humans would figure we should feel about our foods. GOOD happy thoughts that it was humanely raised so might be good for both parties and dinner!

    So the downer part...if this chicken (now dead) was humanely raised and has to be labelled as such...what does that say about all the other more moderately price animal parts in the meat counter...pause and reflect on that fact! It is not like we should accept the fact that the unstated is happening. I have a friend that works for the Feds up here and he inspects chicken producers...some of the huge facilities (because they like things in monopoly form ... not the game, the singularities of having to manage only a few over many--saw that in the fishing industry...seiners over trollers...big catchers over many small producers--streamlines inspections!) and he cannot say too much past that if there are infractions...he reports them but nothing is done to resolve the bads being done...the body now tells the head what to do. The heads of the authorities that are suppose to be watching how things are done are being told how things will be done and there is nothing that can be done to change it because the power to provide the cheap meat means one producer shuts down and the masses on mass would starve! Money rules and the production of a ten buck (& less) chicken dinner is going to have costs that we don't wanna know about...we should know how costs are cut but we would be fairly miserable about knowing the real deal on a kids' happy meal of nuggets! [​IMG]

    So raise up that happy meat peoples...we all struggle with justifying the efforts and cost of it all because it does cost MORE to raise up our own meats the right and wholesome way ...but the payment back in happiness...well we should never EVER put a price tag of mere monetary value on that, now should we? How much is happiness worth, in man and beasts?

    That's MY soapbox rants fer today...

    Well hay now...gotta fly, got some happiness to nurture, admire, & encourage. [​IMG]

    Doggone & Chicken UP!

    Tara Lee Higgins
    Higgins Rat Ranch Conservation Farm, Alberta, Canada
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    Ron glad to hear that they are getting the Winters fire under control! Hopefully they will get it out soon!
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    I've noticed itchy chickens that stopped itching after I gave them ivermectin. I was itching too. Never saw even one big in the coop on the birds, nothing.

    Anyway, if I had a sick bird and could not SEE anything wrong I would first rule out parasites as they are the most likely culprit and parasites by definition are small so signs of them being there are often too small for the human eye to see.
    I think a delousing and good worming are in order LONG before antibiotics should be called to the scene.
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    Down south that's what they do to sugar cane fields.
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    here's my take on it. Pray for God to protect me and my animals and be thankful that He will always provide. Check. Recognize that this world for us is short and once it's over will seem like a fleeting few minutes. Check. Know that Mother Earth...She will Heal. Even if humans are long gone (once humans are long gone, I don't know, it's not really up to me.) Check. Know that the only thing I have control over is my own Judgement and no one else will have to answer for me on that Day and I won't have to answer for them. check. aka...submit ;) ahhh...Peace.
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    Alton browns gumbo recipe is awesome. I added fresh okra, crab meat, and redfish filets in addition to the ingredients called for in the recipe. I highly recommend it
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    I've heard that a safe way to put out bait for mice is a 2 or 3" PVC pipe. Close off one end and wedge it somewhere. Put your bait in far enough that nobody can reach it. Maybe 9" long. This works wonderful for the garden in winter also. [​IMG]

    On another thread I put a site talking about the benefits of turmeric/ curcumin.

    I figure we are going to need all the help we can get. Another one that is great is piperine. It's made from black pepper and it increases the benefits of any drug or vitamin you take . I bought both at Amazon and took my first tablets today. As one of the old folks it is beneficial for dementia. Which I take meds for. They work fine now, but later?

    Tara, 37 million years. I'd be surprised if humans make it as a society for more than 1,000 yrs. Or some say 100 yrs.
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    I am taking two Turmeric and on soy isofavone pill a day for Prostititis. They are working well so far.
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