The weirdest thing(s) that you have ever done with/for your chickens..

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Jun 5, 2009
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My children have decided that I have crossed the line from crazy-chicken-lady to totally-off-the-deep-end.

DD's silkie LeyLa has been sick for several days. Some sort of a viral thing that has effected 2 of our of other chickens. They become off balance, unable to hold up their heads etc.
So, LeyLa has been very sick and has now stopped eating anything other than yogurt and thin oatmeal gruel.
Tonight when I took her out of the sick bay, I noticed that she reeked. Since she cant move, all of her droppings have stuck to her fluffy butt.
This meant a bath was in order. After a bubble bath she was shivering so...

I got the bright idea to put a couple of thick towels in the dryer and warm them up for 5 minutes.
Then I opened the door and made a little nest in the towels.
LeyLa is now happily sitting in her chicken-sauna with a privacy curtain to hold in the heat.

The family has been warned NOT to use the dryer and I am stationed at the kitchen table where I can watch the comings and goings.

Lets hope being clean and warm will help LeyLa to perk up.
The other 2 chickens showed improvement after 3 days. Today is day 3 for LeyLa and it isnt looking good.

My children just keep looking at me and shaking their heads. I'm almost afraid of when DH arrives home....
My friends thought getting a couple of the girls "aprons" was silly but they worked well. I cared for one of my girls for 2 months after she dislocated her leg, took her quite a while to heal and she spent the cool nights on our enclosed porch, roosted on the railing looking in the dining room door. I even put paper on the floor to catch the mess.
LeyLa is now happily sitting in her chicken-sauna with a privacy curtain to hold in the heat.

I think this is brilliant!
I hope LeyLa gets better.
a sauna is a good idea.

when i got some new chickens for xmas. my first bantms. i kept them in a dog crate in the garage (cos they were too small to put in the coop. and the garage was the warmest place. i washed 2 of the millis in a bath. then used the hairdrier. they liked it. i think i like giving chickens a bath more than my dogs. i did learn that the water was getting too hot in their bath when they started panting. but otherwise they enjoy it. which is funny cos if chickens go near deep water they normally drown. go figure.

too bad i cant give all my chickens baths. they got lice bad now.

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