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Aug 21, 2008
I posted on here over a month ago regarding two young barred rock hens (we hope hens anyway) who were sneezing and had stinky snot bubbles. We did take them to a local avian vet. She put them on baytril injectable and told us they had sinus infections. A week later we took them back for a re-check. Still snotty but seeming to get a little better so we kept going with the Baytril. Then we took them back for a third re-check. It seemed like it had improved (no sneezing but still snotty) but was staying the same now. So she said continue with Baytril until gone and gave us eye and nose drops (I can't find the empty bottle to get the name) that was supposed to help clear them up. We had them on that for about two weeks and then ran out two weeks ago. The one who was the worse seems pretty good now. I can't smell any stink when I sniff her beak and she has very mild, clear snot sometimes. The other one was never quite as bad but her beak still stinks (again, better than it was) and she gets enough snot to have shavings/dirt stick to her beak. We haven't gone back to the vet because of how much this is costing us and I feel like she's just throwing expensive possibilities at us, rather than knowing what's really going on. Has anyone else had experience with this same type of illness? Besides the snot they are totally fine, good appetites, healthy poop and feathers and clear eyes. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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hi..i'm sorry you having trouble with your chickens...i cant help ya..but someone here of luck!..Wendy


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It seems to me that any antibiotic that doesnt work in a week is not working. But I am not the vet. Maybe these vets just dont know because all of a sudden they are having to treat pet chickens, but never used to.

I called Foyspigeon supplies this morning and the man I talked to, sounds like he owns the place, has chickens and seems to know his stuff. He has sold meds to vets. So I would suggest going online to and get their toll free number and talk to him. He may be able to help out. And he can send you a catalog also. Hope this helps.

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Hello...that sounds like Coryza. The symptoms of Coryza are ruuny nose, sneezing, snot bubbles, sometimes weepy or bubbles in the eye, and the most obvious sign is that it smells! They may seem fine because they may be carriers, but if that gets into your flock, it is a disaster! You can call Peter Brown, the chicken doctor for more info and help. His number is (800) 950-8387 or (410) 742-4687.
Good luck!

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I would really like to know what Coryza infections smell like. I have a few polish that continue to have a sinus problem, but I can not smell anything really noticable. The sick ones seem to get mildly sick, roost/rest for a few days and then they are out with the rest free ranging. They seem to have no problems when they are done with the sickness.

Of course I isolate them until they get better, but I have been taking at least one a night to isolation and letting out one every few days when they get better. I do treat with VetRx and a mild dose of oxytretracycline. I do not use any other antibiotic at this point although I have just about all of them.

The flock seems very heathly and happy other than the few polish. I have noticed that the ones who seem to never get sick are the ones I bought at a local feed store in March of this year from a hatchery. I presume they were vaccinated as chicks and this is why they are getting along so well, but I can not really draw a definitive conclusion. Oh, and the wild (game) birds are doing great. My red jungle fowl roo is with the ladies again.

I get the thick, yellow stringy snot and watery eyes, but no bubbles or smell. I am hoping the flock will just benefit from this and become immune to whatever it is. I have a few young ones in the "nursery" that need to be introduced to the rest of the flock, but i now hesitate until i find out what this is. I would like to vaccinate the nursery, but I just do not know what against !!

BTW, I have read that Baytril is really hard on chickens and maybe too powerful and too wide a spectrum for deseases chickens have. I have also read that one should use antibiotics VERY sparingly and in a low enough dose so there digestive system will recover.


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whenever they've had any medication..even a wormer..
they should get a probiotic.

Baytril is hard on them..

I prefer Tylan most of the time.

do check out that link to sinus flush I posted.
might be helpful.

hope your birds get better.


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aftr being ill for so long and on meds for so long their system needs to recover from that and you will have to help by offering a good quality live culture yogurt (free choice) and concentrate their nutrition by giving aviacharge 2000 (you can order online from McMurry) >>mix a couple scrambled eggs in with their feed and then the avia charge thru that ... I would also give them three drops of Polyvisol Enfamil formulation once a day for a week then taper off the next.

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