Think I just lost a rooster. :(


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May 8, 2012
Would anyone on know what a rooster sounds like when it get attacked? I just heard a god awful animal screeching about where the chickens are. I am hoping that the to roosters that I have are ok.....I can not see because it is to dark out. I hate to say this but if it did get eaten I hope what ever did eat it took it away so I don't have to see it.
If it were me, I would be out there with a flashlight. Raccoons make terrible noise when they are fighting. I don't know what a chicken would sound like...I don't want to find out. Are your chickens locked in a coop or somewhere else safe??
I have 8 in the coop....but I also have 2 roosters out in the yard. I had to but them out because they were to aggressive with the hens and they pecked one of the other roosters to no end. I hope everybody is ok out there. I can not go out there because I have my little boy with me because he is sick. I guess I will find out when I get out there in the morning.
I'm sorry your little boy is sick, I hope he feels better soon.

I don't think your roosters are going to survive very long outside with no protection. Sorry.
It is ok....I was expecting that. They were going to be pets and I was expecting that we would lost more than that by now. I will do a head count in the am. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are ok. If they are I am going to be building something for them at night....even if it is just a wooden box for now. I might think of putting them in the quail pen that is empty right now....we just had one built and it is not being used yet. Hoping for the best.
Well.....I just checked the roosters and did a head count. They are all ok. Not sure what the sound was but it was scary. The roosters made it! Whew! Tonight they are going in the pen.
I certainly understand wanting to keep everyone separate if there is trouble in the ranks. But I didn't think hens or roosters attacked each other once the lights are out? I was always told this and have assumed it to be true, does anyone know if it's true or not?

Either way I think you'd be better off making a small chicken tractor for theses gentlemen. The problem with just sticking them out there to fend for themselves is that once they are gone, and it will happen, it lets all the other wildlife know how easily food is to be found in your yard and puts all of your other birds in jeopardy. I think you are best off either selling, stewing or giving away the roosters.
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