Thinking About some Parakeets need help

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    Hello Y'all!

    I might be getting a Parakeet.Or two, preferably two.I have made a list and the prices of them and I'm listing it here:
    Home Cage:$25 Amazon

    Travel Cage:$14 Amazon

    Perches:Rouge Nail Trimmer Perch $10 Amazon.Branch Perch $6 Amazon

    Extra Food And Water Dish(Cage comes with it, but extras in case):$2 Amazon $3 Amazon

    Toys: $8 $4 $9(will find links)


    Budgie Seed:$11


    And I still need to find Cuttlestone.It all comes to $101 dollars :eek: :th

    But, I have a Question, Is this all i need?(well, besides the Budgies LOL)
    I have a large room, Away from my Cat and Dog, I can keep him there, IF my mom allows me to get one, Im asking here cause I want to have as much info as possible.Also, my Local Pets Smart/Petco has Budgies and Caranys, Is it OK to get them there?
    Is there anything else I need to add to my list?I hope not, cause $101 dollars is a lot, plus the Budgies themselves.(By the way, Are Parakeets and Budgies two differnt things or is Budgie a nickname?)

    I will find the links to everthing here, and put them here.

    Also, I'm tagging my friend @chicken4prez cause I know she has a few Budgies/Parakeets.
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    Budgie is short for budgerigar, which is the real name of the birds you are talking about. Parakeet is their colloquial name.

    The bare minimum size your cage should be for one budgie is 12" high by 18" wide by 18" long, and that's for one bird. The cage you posted is not big enough. For two birds, you need even bigger. 24" by 24" by 24" or an equivalent (30" by 18" by 18" will work too) should be considered the absolute minimum for two. This cage is the perfect size.

    And make sure you are choosing a healthy seed mix. You didn't link to the one you're thinking of so I don't know if you're looking at a good one or not. One with sunflower seeds should be avoided. I'd recommend Zupreem Smart Selects.

    And millet should only be fed as a treat, so it's not something that's necessary for you to have at all times.
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