Thinking of switching to verticle nipples. How do I train?


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Feb 22, 2018
Northern Arizona
I hear how wonderful vertical nipples are and I'm considering switching. Right now I have a regular ol' automatic waterer that I made myself with a bucket and metal pan. I'm tired of cleaning it out. I live in a sandy area and as soon I turn around after I clean it, it's dirty again! I need advice on training my birds how to take vertical nipples. I have 5 laying hens (ranging in age from 1 to 4 years old) and I recently got 8 chicks this past weekend.
Once you have the new waterer in place take away any other waterers, then when your chickens come over to look at it, lightly tap the nipple and let a drop or two of water out. The chickens should start pecking at it out of curiosity. I would keep an eye on them to make sure they all try it out - if there seems to be a bird that just doesn't get it, give them access to the old waterer and phase it out over time.

Oh, I just noticed you said you have chicks... how old are they? If they're super little they might have a harder time using a nipple waterer due to height and having to operate the nipple.
do not use vertical they can leak pickup horizontal you will be happier I took each bird by the head pushed the button in with my finger putting their beak to my finger as I did it
I use them on all my birds even Silky find it easy little white 2 gallon bugget with them for peeps have used it for 3 years now
Here's a couple of my waterers, first one I use in my brooder after the chicks are 3 weeks old. I use five gallon waterers in my coop and run. I just put the brooder waterer in over the weekend and within 2 minutes they were investigating and using it. Mine always are quick to use it.



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