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    I vote for calling the police and reporting it also. If you say you aren't even sure the police know there is a road/houses where you live - make sure they know in case of emergency. A motion sensor light would be a deterrent also - they have cheap solar powered MS lights online. Good move on your part taking the keys out of everything and hiding them also. We have guns and dogs at our home also but in my personal opinion, I would use both as a last resort because I would never point a gun at someone unless I was going to use it - you never know what they are carrying and could shoot you first - particularly if they are drunk or hopped up on something. I think the laws around here at least are very specific about shooting someone, i.e., have to be IN your house not halfway through the window, etc. or you yourself could get in trouble even if you are the innocent victim. If you do go the gun route though, remeber that a shotgun is more effective than a handgun (IMO) as it has a larger "pattern" with the shot and you don't have to be as precise in your aim at your target...Whatever you choose to do, just stay aware and please be careful.[​IMG]
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    Most Defiantly report the incident to the police.

    I was once told by some lady (I didn't know) shortly after moving here. that she was going to send me Back to Canada in a pine box.

    I reported it to the police. Nothing ever came about on it.
    But it is the kind of stuff the police like to know about! Preventive measures, are much more appreciated than after the fact!

    Items in the barn can be chained to posts, and Keys removed. If that's an idea for you.

    All in all, please be safe. Your a smart lady!
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    They are casing out your place. Make a note, call your police, and be ready. Did they see your dog? If they determined your dog probably won't bite, they will be back. Borrow a friends dog if you have to.
    Like someone else mentioned in another post, They brought up being robbed to make you think it wasn't them. They aren't too bright [​IMG] They would be the first person I'd suspect.
    I'm home alone a lot. ( my DH travels out of country) I've lived in many places both rural and city. Sometimes rural is worse because there aren't many other folks around, but on the flip side...the person responsible isn't hard to find. My only advice is stay a step ahead, and that doesn't sound like it will be too hard with those two einsteins.

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    You guys are awesome!

    I never thought to photograph everything and we can easily hitch the Quad to a beam which would prevent them from getting to the mower.

    If the break-in was true, I would surmise that they didnt report because they have more to hide and the person who broke in was looking for drugs/money.

    We have an outdoor halogen light at the barn so its pretty lit up out there. They can however walk the pasture from their place to ours and come in the back side and no one would know.

    Last night I left the bathroom window open, it faces the barn so if anyone was out and about the dog would set up a racket.

    I will be contacting the local PD today just to let them know what was said.

    Thanks again all!
  5. If they aren't the ones doing the stealing, they are casing places for their pardners in crime. Motion lights, and if you have night vision glasses would help you too see through the dark . . .call the police, give them a heads up. If you can get your hands on one, the security cameras are a great plus . . .everyone has had great ideas on here . . .I know once when my mom was robbed, the teen would ride his bike around and look the places over and then go back to the thieves and they did the actual deed. Gave him an alibi and no one was expecting "new people". Took awhile to figure it out, and they didn't catch them, but the robberies stopped when they realized they had been caught onto.
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    get a giant chuck norris lifesized realistic cardboard cut-out (the real chuck norris would work too) and place it somewhere on your property that can easily seen and set a stereo up and play, beat it by michael jackson... they'll be terrified.
    on a more serious note, that is creepy, i suggest an attack rooster in your barn.
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    Quote:Very good advice.
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    Definitely casing your home!!! I don't have time to read all the posts, but this is what I would do to easily protect you right now and won't cost an arm and a leg:

    Go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy a door jamb - the long adjustable kind that fit under the door knob and has a rubber foot that leans against the floor - and then put it under your bedroom knob! A person would have to literally break the door down to get through it and that would at least buy you time to get your pistol!! And definitely call the sheriff's office if your out of city limits and explain to them what happened. Then ask them to patrol your area at least once per night.

    Good luck!

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    The lights are a great idea. I might also put up a few real or fake security cameras. I have seen dummy security cameras that take batteries so a LED light is always on. It makes people think that it is a real camera.
    If someone comes on your property with a beer checking things out, it usually means trouble.
    Be safe.
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    Yelp, contact the police. Are you under police jurisdiction or sheriff? Whatever the case, I would inquire if an officer could ride out to your place. Explain to them that your husband will be working some awkward hours and the situation that you've just experienced...they should get the idea. If you are as remote as you've mentioned and the rode is a bit secluded then they might really want to know how to get back in there. And as, River Lizard mentioned...they could stop on the way out and visit "the boys"....certainly would do wonders for neighborhood relations. [​IMG]

    Living in a semi-rural situation (main highway but can't see anyone's street light from here) we've been broken into once. The wife and I were at our business so it was easy for someone to know where we were...if they knew us. Otherwise it was simply a drive-by/opportunity-type of break-in.

    It sounds like you can secure the major items in the barn pretty well...simply chain the quad and the mower together. Chainsaws and other small tools might be an issue....maybe construct a strongbox of sorts. I would be more concerned with house security...there's probably more (hand-carryable) valuables inside there (you've mentioned you have a gun(s)).

    Security cameras are good, but I would put some phoney security system keypads up as well (just inside the house doors). A simple little box with an "eye", a blinking red LED, and a little "antenna" on it is another good project...could be positioned at the back of the barn. A few security system stickers on strategic windows.

    If you have a loud stereo system....find a recording of a siren/burglar alarm and a nice looking thrown away remote control. Some alarm systems include a recording of "BURGLAR!!!, BURGLAR!!!, etc.,.. Mount some of the "blinking boxes" up where they're easily seen. One weekend blast the recording out of your stereo off and on (maybe 10 seconds each time) over a period of an hour or so. Maybe a few hours later sound it off another couple of times. Have the volume up REAL LOUD (speakers sitting in a window pointed in there direction). Be sure and have the "remote" with you. They *will* be curious and will eventually inquire about the noise....tell them you were setting up "the security system". If they don't inquire they will probably come to their on conclusion that you have a security system. Of course, be sure that they're at home when you "set it off". [​IMG]

    Or, even better....install a real security system. [​IMG]

    Best wishes,
    Call the law,

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