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    Definitely file a police report. Besides...the cops just might be interested in what's going on at your neighbors' place! (unless they're related!) RECORD EVERYTHING!!! Get the cops name and badge number (time and date) that you filed the report with. Get the police report/incident report number etc! DOCUMENTATION is KEY!!! (Trust me...that has been my job for YEARS!) a former Insurance Adjuster, make sure you all your items recorded somehow! (photos, serial numbers - with makes and model numbers) etc. Have them somewhere else. Also...if you all own firearms, have the serial information recorded somewhere also! (Just in case they steal those!)
    Next, verify "protective property" laws in your state. SOME states allow you to "shoot to protect" yourself AND your property if someone is trespassing/breaking in. Other states will NOT let you get away with protecting your property....they have to be coming after YOU, in your home...AFTER you've attempted to get away for it to be legal for you to 'protect yourself' legally! Protective property laws vary state by state, some states allow lethal force to protect your property...extending to your vehicles! Remember...SURVIVORS CAN SUE! The pumping sound of a shotgun is normally a sufficient deterrant to MOST burglars...but stonned and drunk doesn't count!
    I like the motion lights idea as well as cameras (real or fake). But remember....they could try to STEAL the cameras as well! (we are talking about not so bright people here!) The life-sized figure of Chuck Norris is an EXCELLENT idea! In one area of my old office, they had a lifesize thingie of a cop....used to freak me out EVERY TIME I walked by it...eventhough I KNEW it was there! Put that in the can move it around every other day or so....just behind the door or whatever!
    Also, set up some kind of 'system' with your hubby. If you have an emergency or if he comes home at a 'not normal' time once he starts his new schedule. Or if you need him home ASAP. Have something set up ahead of time.
    Of course I LOVE the idea of an attack rooster, goat, hog, emu/ostritch, or of course....LARGE dog(s)! I think your puppy needs a few buddies!!!
    Let us know how it goes and take care!
    Oh fun as "veiled threats" can COULD be reported as 'terroristic threatening' against you! Just post NO TRESPASSING signs up around you property (those kids getting bit by your horse is YOUR liability...they can SUE YOU). Here's the sickest part, if they burgle your property and get hurt while doing so...they can SUE YOU!!! So NO TRESPASSING signs EVERWHERE is a VERY GOOD idea (it makes them less able to sue you...due to ample notice or some such stuff).
    Good Luck! I like the LOUD "alarm system" idea too!

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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    I would keep your cell phone with you at night. Phone lines can be cut from the outside. If your car has a panic button, have the keys with you. Since your window faces the barn you can press the button and have the car horn beeping. Scares ya to death.
    Motion detectors are great, there are some pretty cheap solar powered ones available.
    I travel alot by myself. My stun gun stays in my pocket when I'm on the road. I wouldn't use a gun, but I sure as heck would zap the idiot who put his hand on me.
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    Gosh, we could start a BYC home security business and make millions to support our egg/chicken

    Seriously though, I now have my car backed into the driveway facing the barn within range of my remote. One click and the holler will light up like a christmas tree! Of course the chickens wont lay for days after all of the noise, but it will be a small sacrifice.

    My new attitude is....Bring it on!

    This is of course during the light of night its still....Go away. Go away. [​IMG]

    Thanks again all for your great ideas and letting me know I wasnt out of my mind and being paranoid.
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    Quote:Nope you weren't being paranoid [​IMG] If your gut is saying something isn't right here, then listen to it. It's usually right. It's always better to be prepared, and have the upper hand then to be caught off guard.
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    I know you said you had a dog but not sure if you said she was a house or yard dog. I would personally see about having a medium-large dog for in the house.

    An outside dog can be baited (poisoned) but an inside dog will at least give you more warning and time to 'do' what you need to do. ie...get the gun, run, call the law, whatever.

    A lot of folks make the mistake of not allowing their dogs in the house and expect them to protect them. A good guard dog is a great deterrant.

    I ALWAYS make a point of letting unknown visitors KNOW about my 'trained' dog. I have a German Shepherd that is from working dog stock and WILL bite and does have some protection training.

    Just be sure to cover you bases and be AWARE of yourself, what your doing and anything strange going on around your neighborhood.
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    I have found that "Beware of the Dog" signs help, too.
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    Wow - I agree with all the others. You are DEFINITELY being "cased". Glad to know you are going to file a police report, etc.

    You could also do the "flour around the barn" trick to catch any footprints. [​IMG] If you knew any chemists or dye companies, you might be able to get some stuff that would show up under a black light but not at all under regular light... [​IMG] Can you imagine, glowing footprints leading through the underbrush straight back to their trailer? [​IMG]
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    I've been to Kim's place and when she says she's "back in the holler", she's not kidding. And she's the last house on the road. There's only on road in, it goes right to her place.

    Police probably don't know the road or the people that live there are there.

    Kim, I'd be really careful. Especially if they see hubby leaving at night and coming back in the morning. It has to make you uncomfortable knowing that hubby will be going to work and you'll be there alone.

    I would definitely get myself a firearm to keep handy. But please stay safe, most of all!!

  9. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    If you can wrangle it, try to get another car/truck to park there. Since I am home alone a lot, we move our unused truck all around, so it looks like someone else is living here.

    And please make the law enforcement and emergency responders aware of where you are and how to find your house.

    As said before, the "No Trespassing" signs are very important when it comes to running off intruders.

    I have faith in you, holler if you need help or moral support! [​IMG]

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