This creeped me out...

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    Mar 21, 2009
    They definitely are not the sharpest tools in the shed, are they? I agree with everyone else. They sounds like they are setting you up for a robbery or something and trying to put out a fake alibi in advance.

    Without a doubt, call the police ASAP. Report everything they said to you and ask the police to do random drive by checks. As others have said, put up more motion detector lights and a fake or real security system.

    You can also buy security signs and decals for your windows online. Just having the signs is a big deterrent.
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    On my way to store for a padlock for the quad and brighter bulbs for the barn area and a motion detector and a few other deterrents.

    I hate feeling like I have to be in lockdown....


    You all have been fabulous with ideas!

    I had forgotten that we have a stereo in the shop which is attached to the barn. Stereo has a remote. Muahahhaaah. I bet someone will pee their pants when 80 bazillion decibels starts ringing through their ears...
  3. If you use motion detector lights you can also wire a drop cord that you can plug a radio into so when the lights come on so does the radio (loud) and you will know someone is around and they will know that they are found out. Mount the motion detector to something high enough that local critters do not set off. You can also use an extension cord plugged into the drop so you can place the radio anywhere, might just scare the crap out of them not to return
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    Apr 30, 2009
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    As others have said...


    Get a report on file, and tell the cops what your neighbors said about having been burglarized. Tell them they seemed to be taking inventory as they chatted..

    Then...hehehehe...if it were me, I'd go over to the neighbor's house and tell them that you got nervous at the thought of their being burglars in the area, so you called the cops and reported the break ins.. You might even start that conversation with "You don't have to thank me or anything, but..." just for fun, if you want.


    Then I'd tell them that I was so nervous, in fact, that I'd begun keeping a loaded firearm near me at all times, and that if anyone were to come onto my property -- not "break into my house," or "sneak into my bedroom," or anything like that -- come onto my property, that they'd get their fricken head blown off and buried in a shallow hole in the back 40, never to be heard from again..

    I'd probably try to make it seem like something I'd actually enjoy doing..

    I know that probably sounds a little over the top, but that's what I'd say.. Even if they were telling the truth and someone really had robbed them...well, at least I'd know they wouldn't come looking in my barn for replacement stuff.
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    Jan 22, 2009
    you got style, cmjust0... thats what i'm sayin...

    and i'd make a report too about their reported burglary. and honestly the local PD already knows about those jokers but a report is much more convincing than a casual conversation.

    good luck!!!
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    Carry a can of red spray paint to paint a bullseye on them...that way when they get shot you can say "I thought it was my target...ooops my bad"

    Seriously, it sounds like they were up to no em gal
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    Wow, I don't like the sounds of that either! Creepy for sure!! Just be on the lookout now. [​IMG]
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    Motion lights are great deterrents, as are lights in general. Its not to hard to find fake security cameras as well to tack up around the outside of the house.

    Its good to let them know you dont play around and will shoot someone to protect you and yours. I dont play around as well and would not hesitate to take a robber out.

    The Chuck Norris cut out idea is very great LOL...I would toss in a Darth Vader as well. I like cleaning my gun outside as well, not the nice antiques tough.
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    Quote:And Yoda! Yoda can kick some serious butt. [​IMG]

  10. I'd call the police & tell them the whole story--get something on record...

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