This year has been rough on my pets (now with pics)


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Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
We treated Ludo (dog) for heartworm which is 6 months of treatment

Cadeyrn (dog) had a seizure

Sushi (cat) had an upper respiratory infection

Babygirl (cat) ran away to die

Soco (cat) disappeared two separate times for 3-4 weeks and came back skin and bones both times; she also had pyoderma

And now *drum roll please*

Freya (dog) is injured

I didnt take pics which I know is the bane of every BYCers life. I swear we are all secretly into gore.

She has a large laceration in the skin down to the muscle, approx 4 inches long leaving a palm-sized wound opening. clean, vascular but not dripping blood. no pressure needed. she hit a small, blunt, roughly dime-sized piece of metal while running. it's the end piece that holds the bar that holds the ramps of a trailer so its exposed to the elements but not particularly dirty. less than a dime size of skin with a ton of fur fluff and no blood was left at the scene of the accident. it's on her shoulder/neck area so it didnt get set in the dirt and she couldnt lick it. we came right inside, where I proceeded to have no idea what was wrong except that she was acting funny - I didn't see her hit it, just heard the yelp so I checked her feet and her ladybits (shes in heat) and found nothing wrong. she acted like she was in labor - which is apparently what pain looks like - drooling and unable to find a spot to get comfortable, probably the dog equivilent of pacing. we found the wound, picked as much fur out of it as we could, loosely closed it with super glue liquid and made her lay down and be calm.

our vet happens to have called out of work today because she is going to the hospital, so I spoke to the ... I should really ask her for her title at some point... instead. theyll see her tomorrow and for now shes on keflex 600mg chewable 2x day (antibiotics) and novox 1mg/lb 2x day (nsaid).

she has been babied with rice, canned chicken and Kraft singles.

we just shaved the area around it and the wound has reopened, looking like


its held together with fur at the moment so we will be shaving off the rest soon when we are prepared to reclose the wound.

Tuesday night: injury and original gluing (with a couple re-glues shortly after), kept her resting
Wednesday morning: antibiotics and pain killers, yummy food bribe
Wednesday afternoon: more yummy food and bribed her to drink water by putting chicken juice in it, definitely in less pain than last night. she was interested in pottying when I asked so we went outside and she got off the porch and immediately laid down, no pottying as far as I saw
Wednesday night: shave and re-glue!
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@Sulky Bantam

on the upside!

Ludo is cleared of heartworms

Cadeyrn's bloodwork came back normal so we are just keeping an eye on him, it could be a one time thing

Sushi didnt get any of the other cats sick and recovered with antibiotics

Babygirl was 29 and deserved to rest if that's what she wanted

Soco stopped running away and is a healthy weight; the pyoderma healed with chlorhexidine

& Freya is a trooper

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