Thunderstorms and egg production


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6 Years
May 19, 2017
Swamps of Texas
Houston had a real humdinger last night. Booms, light shows and all that. The flock that was laying 15 eggs from 17 hens spit out 9 today. I was curious when this would happen and here it is. I even searched the flight cage for another nest. Nope, just the 9.

What causes your egg production to drop the most? Besides winter?
Having too many birds confined in too small a space,
which can happen if they can't go outside due to weather,
even with good bird to space ratio.
Having a neurotic nest-messer harassing the the layers in the nests.
Agreed. Stressors everywhere. This is my first time seeing this. The chickens are accustomed to the dogs now. Not a good thing. They stare at each other through the fencing. Good thing is that neither of them are going over the top at the moment.

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