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    Can someone please tell me if I can use injectable Ivermectin on my rooster and how I should administer it?

    He has been biting his foot feathers for a week or so now, and a couple of nights ago I found a soft shelled tick stuck to his waddles. I pulled it off and disposed of it, but I'm wondering ticks are the problem with his foot too. He is biting his foot night and day!

    Also, my hen has bitten off most of her foot feathers too.

    Unfortunately Eprinex/pour-on Ivermec is not available in here Thailand, only the injectable stuff. Also, Thailand does not appear to have any poultry dust for lice etc. I've tried many places for both the Eprinex/pour-on and Seven etc. to no avail! [​IMG]

    I'm about to go on holiday for 10 days, so I'd really appreciate some help with getting this sorted before I go.

    Many thanks for your help with this
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    Anyone? Please? [​IMG]
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    Hi ChickensAreSweet,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is what I've found on my rooster. It was so soft that I initially thought it was a bit of funny coloured skin (like a skin tag) attached to his waddle. However on pulling it off I then saw the legs and the spot where it'd been attached bled a tiny bit.

    I've since checked other threads on this forum about getting rid of ticks and think I will try Frontline +. As I don't have access to Eprinex or dusting powders here this may be my only option. I've seen it for sale and know I can get hold of this easily.

    Any words of wisdom regarding using Frontline on chickens?


    Angela [​IMG]
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    Quote:I have never used it. You can start a new thread for it to gather more attention or do a BYC search if you wish. I hope you find your answer. Or maybe put him in a cage with a guinea, lol. They are supposed to eat ticks. No I'm just kidding- they might not eat fowl ticks.
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    Quote:Can you get it from eBay??

    You can also use the injectable as a pour on. I had a bottle of it and the vet told me it would work on my dogs the same as a pour on or I could give it to them orally. I have done both and dogs were fine
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    You can use Ivomec injectable mixed in his drinking water.

    Add 1ML/qt and don't let him have access to any other water until he drinks it all.

    It will also kill most worms and mites he may have
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    Get Guinea Fowl they will eat the ticks
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    I would want to know for sure what kind of tick is on the birds. If you do indeed have poultry or fowl ticks then anything that you treat your birds with will most likely provide only temporary relief unless you can remove their daytime hiding places. Some ticks will remain in their congregating places for long periods of time, escape the medication and live to continue feeding on your birds. Check your roosts carefully tonight within 20 minutes or so of sunset; if you see ticks on the roosts, then they are most likely poultry ticks. Good luck.

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