Time to change zoning laws in Baltimore county MD


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Hello. We live in Baltimore Co MD and have "illegal" girls. We applied for the variance and come to find out after spending the money for the variance there is no way we can win because the administrative law judge cannot go against the zoning law anyway and grant permission to keep the chickens. So now, Baltimore County MD residence bound together and lets get this bill passed where we can have our chickens with less than an acre. Email us or post to this thread to let us know if you support this. We need thousands of people who support this! Talk to your family, neighbors, friends, and spread the word. ([email protected])
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Good luck - hope common sense prevails
New to the cause and discussion, but are you a part of:


I think the Balt County laws are ridic. I am zoned RC-3 which MEANS conservation and ag, but I don't have an acre of land...so I cannot have fowl. I have to apply for a variance. Interesting to know your outcome...

Meetings are starting, if you aren't already aware please check out the facebook pages and add in your effort!

I'm a newbie too! I'm moving to bmore county in a few months from the city and am totally taken aback by the laws in the county. I was raised in Lancaster county where it is second nature to raise your own food. I've seen some FB posts about contacting council people. I do have a connection to councilmen Huff but am interested in knowing more about efforts to gain at least 4 members support.

You can email me at [email protected] to discuss.


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