am I selling them for to much?

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Oct 13, 2017
North carolina
so whenever I have extra eggs I sell them. i currently am selling them for 5$ if they were sold at a store they would be labeled cagefree,free range,colorful (brown, white,blue and green) and if I were to label them torture free. any money I earn goes into buying feed and whatnot. my grandpa told someone who wanted some but when he said the price they laughed. but at the store its 5 bucks for free range,organic,cage free eggs plus not to mention the colorful side it would be more. I normally explain to them my situation and what the money goes into. my friend also sells her extra eggs but she does 3.50$.

is this to much too sell them for?
I match the price other backyard chicken owners are selling for in my town. Currently it's $3.oo for one dozen or 2 for $5.00.
But I only have brown eggs. 20180123_094111.jpg . No white, green, blue, olive, grey, speckled or chocolate. If I did I would try get $4.oo a dozen or 2 for $6.oo. But as more people have chickens that lay rainbow colors the less likely I could get more money for them. GC
thanks for the adivce I think I'll keep it at five. if people dont want to pay for the hard work and devotion that goes in to the much healthier eggs then they can eat the dull tasteless ones. they can choose to spend a couple extra bucks for better eggs. i mean I get that sure it's two dollars more but if I explain it to them they understand better and are okay with buying them.
plus today who knows how long the eggs are in the factory/store they may say fresh but ya right! the chickens if you research most are crowded in little cages and horrible conditions the carton may say cage free but they are really most of the time just put in huge barns instead which I guess is slightly better. i hate buying eggs from the store, tasteless, yolks are pale and the poor birds we get them from.

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