To worm or not to worm?


6 Years
Feb 4, 2015
I just started raising chickens about a year and a half ago. Even though I am very comfortable with my hens I am still somewhat new to chickens and by no means any kind of expert on the subject so I need some clarity. I read on a couple of sites that any type of garlic or onion is basically poison to chickens. But some people use garlic for de-wormer so this must not be true but I want to be certain.

I want to de-worm my chickens but don't want to use man made chemical treatments. What is considered to be the absolute best remedies? Do pumpkin seeds really work well, cayenne pepper, garlic, diatomaceous earth, black walnut etc....? Not sure what or how much and if it's put in the water or feed how do you know if each one gets the proper amount?


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Jul 28, 2016
check this lady out:

I bought her tincture for bumble foot 2 bottles now) after an unsuccessful attempt at carving it out of my birds foot like most do. Few drops on foot every other day it shrank & became small enough I just plucked it out!! Anyway, she sells homeopathic tinctures for worming & other things too. What I've tried so far works read her website you will be blown away!!! Susan Berek is a very cool lady too very knowledgable. Good luck!

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