Too many pictures? Never.... {Rant}


7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
Rutherfordton NC
Just have to blow off some steam......I think my friends on my Facebook are tired of seeing me post pictures of my chickens every day. LOL I am new to the whole chicken deal and Im excited about it. I cant help it! I guess they just dont really care to hear me talk about it all the time. I may make a Facebook Page just for them so they dont have to see it anymore! HMPH! Love my chickens... especially now that some are laying!! lol
LOL - You'll get used to it. All my friends think I'm nuts. They're SICK of hearing about the chickens (which is why I spend too much time on here). Eventually they'll realize that it's not going away and start 'lovingly' calling you the crazy chicken lady and giving you chicken gifts.
My profile pict on FB is
LOL My kitchen used to be done in all chicken stuff but it kind of got old..... I decided to just make a Page and get it over with that way only those who give a darn can like it LOL My sister calls me the Crazy Chicken Lady and I call her the Crazy Duck/Rabbit Lady!
LOL, my own mom thinks I'm crazy, we have 30+ chickens and I can identify them all, right down to the chicks!
You should be posting them here every day, where there are people who are very interested in chickens and would love to see new pictures of them daily. You could even open up your own thread and have a daily digest of a paragraph or two or whatever, along with your daily snaps of your chickens. :) Many here including myself love to lurk in those threads. I think the best place would be the "stories/pictures of my chickens" forum here at BYC...would love another one to lurk in.
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