Took a train south, came back to what looks like my rooster trying to spur my hens to death.


6 Years
Feb 25, 2013
Okay. Title says it. I took the southbound to NOLA for a week, left a friend in charge, came back and it looks like my rooster is trying to spur his women to death. The ladies had some feathers missing on their back when I left, but I just thought it was natural. I didn't think anything about it. Now I feel like ****, and I'm not sure what to do.

He is in a separate cage now, until I figure out a solution. Here's a photo of one of the ladies. She's the worst one, the others aren't nearly this bad. One is unaffected completely.

she will probably be fine, look for signs of infection and start antibiotics if needed. keep her separated from the others and she will probably refeather in 2-3 weeks. let her heal up good before putting her back in.

on him, trim his toenails and spurs. trim beak if needed. I have seen them tear the skin from the wing almost to the vent, so nail trimming is important.

this happens when you have roosters, and they will have their favorite hens. ive noticed when I cage animals for matings my wire floored cages have more problems with this.

good luck,

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