Tractor Supply Coupon $2 off Purina or Nutrena through Oct 13


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Conroe, TX
Coupon for $2 off Purina or Nutrena feeds @ Tractor Supply

We stopped in tractor supply over the weekend. They didn't have any purina at all. I asked when they might have it, and two of the employees ( one was a manager) we spoke to acted like this was all new.
Out of curiosity, I checked TSC online. It indeed says they are supposed to have it. However, they are 5 dollars more than the normal feed store I go to.

Just returned from TSC and am happy to report that Layena is about $3 cheaper a bag ($11 and change) than my local purina feed store. That is the price without the $2 off coupon.

Start & Grow was about the same price as my feed store. $14 and change. I used the $2 off coupon.

May go back with another coupon to stock up later this week.
This afternoon I stopped @ TSC and purchased 2 bags of Purina Flock Raiser. If you have a subscription to the Poultry Press,, there is a $5 off coupon for Purina poultry feeds when you purchase 2 bags.

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