Trumpeter Pigeons


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Hi there my name is Paige ,
I raise showrollers and old english trumpeters and show them ,
just wondering if anyone on here raises trumps ?
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I bought 3 pair and am goin to pick them up Saturday. I hve had them in the past and sold the and wanted more
good luck with birds you are picking up
if you are located in VA alot of babies are hatching if you are looking for more Trumpeters
They are amazing birds
I do miss the ones I had before. I'm in Alabama though. But now Maybe I can raise some more. The only birds of my that are laying now are homers, modenas, pouters, and dragoons. I wish my fantails would hurry up and get to it.
well i hope you can , i love my trumpeters but i have always had a problem with them crushing their eggs
so when they do lay their eggs i take them and put the eggs under a pair of showrollers and that works best or better yet HOMERS they are the best parents
Fantails are beautiful a friend of mine Billy has fantails i had him cut the tails back so he would get fertile eggs because none were hatching , well now .. BABIES !!

What are Dragoons ??? do you think you could post some pics ?
We have zitterhalls, frillbacks, rollers, homers, fantails, modenas and fiquritas, I think that is all. Altogether we have over 200 pigeons.

I did forget one, we also have barbs.
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Keith C. :

I have show quality Bohkara Trumpeters. They are quite a bit larger than the English.
Please take a look at my Pigeon website for pictures of homers, rollers and other breeds for sale and tips.
[email protected]

Okay this is going to sound REALLY dumb but I have never seen this breed before. But where is it's face
I mean I know it has one but it's just hard to see in the picture

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