Trying to figure out the whole sexlink thing.


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Sep 24, 2013
This is my backyard flock.

I have a Easter egger Rooster and a Barred rock rooster

I decided to incubate eggs and this is what I got.

The little grey chick has grey feet and another one does also.It say that you can color sex if they are sex link chicks.,Really confused.I know that I do have a barred rock and buff rooster

Elvis Junior,He has a round spot on his head.But he is the only one that I am sure about.Does the female chicks have the fathers colors?
You don't have the right mix of chickens to make sex-linked babies.

For red sex links, you'd need a red rooster over a silver factor hen, such as a white Rock, Delaware, or silver-laced Wyandotte.

For black sex links, you'd need a red rooster over a barred hen.

I only see buff and red sex link hens in your flock, and no red factor roosters. You can't switch the genders around--a barred rooster won't help you make sex links. Buff chickens aren't used to make sex links no matter what the sex.

The barring should be dominant, so your barred rooster will throw barred chicks. That will help you assign parentage when older.
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Thank you so much for the clarification.I am new at this so any info is appreciated.Thanks again.
You'll get a pretty mix of chicks!

Your barred rooster will have all barred offspring. The head spot may be too hard to see on light colored chicks, and the barring may not show up well depending on what color they turn out.

Your Easter egger will probably pass on a pea comb or a weird mixed comb and muffs. The pullets from him may lay olive drab or muddy green eggs.
Thank you for your comment and I know my little grey chick has grey legs and one more that does also.Very helpful advice.

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